Rick Perry Says He Would Send Troops Back To Iraq

Guess who just lost the majority of whatever remaining military vote he was counting on. That’s right, the less-frothy of the Ricks.


I’ll be sure to ask military spouses how they are going to vote in the light of these statements… One decade is just not enough! Okay, just under 9 years, but still…

I Googled “Rick Perry” hoping for a frothy neologism – had to settle on this image instead.

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  • Woof

    I wish I could say I invented this, but:

    Rick Perry: George “Dubya” Bush without the intellect.

  • StevoR

    Thank the FSM this (can I say it? Better not.) #@$%%#@!@ won’t become President and probably will be the next Republican candidate to drop out.

    If the “Oops!” memory lapse moment didn’t kill his bid this one sure will. Right?

  • You know, as a Texan, I’m torn on his presidential candidacy. Even if he loses the nomination and election… he still comes back here.

  • Sage

    I have to add, it makes me a little uncomfortable how he just ignored the female soldiers. This whole video is disturbing, and demonstrates to me that he has an absolute lack of understanding about the circumstances of Iraq (or thinks the voters do, and that he can just throw buzz words around to get them all riled up), but complete disregard through omission of every single female killed or injured in Iraq? Really? I don’t know whether that makes him ignorant or a true bigot, but I can assure you that it provides a sliver of insight into the workings of his mind.

  • Iran has the technology to move at “literally the speed of light”?! I think we have bigger things to worry about than Iraq.

  • Sage

    Okay, I have to clarify the point that offended me now that I’ve listened to it again. He does say “men and women” when he’s talking about pulling the troops out, but only “young men” when discussing the human cost of the war. I don’t usually get worked up about things like that, but it got to me this time.