Pat Robertson’s sheet music sets him up for failure

Pat Robertson’s sheet music sets him up for failure January 24, 2012

Clearly he’s been using this for his ministry’s needs lately. Perhaps even just before launching into this ‘brilliant’ anecdote about how time works.

[Saw that image floating around on Facebook. Couldn’t resist.]

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  • The only thing I could think while watching this is “What?”, especially after the Pat Robertson piece.

    At least Dr. Who made some fragment of sense.

  • I can’t see the YT at work so all it made me think of was a quote from Red vs. Blue.

    “Timeline? Church, time isn’t made of lines. Time is made of circles. That’s why clocks are round.”

  • So THAT’s why religion’s logic is always circular, it’s just tracing the timeline! I understand!

  • Rip Steakface

    Frankly, I think comprehending a 7/8 time signature alone would make Pat Robertson’s head explode. It’s enough to make many musicians frustrated, that’s for sure.

  • Francisco Bacopa

    Robertson’s statements here are similar to, but less sophisticated than, The last book of Augustine’s Confessions. It’s a total trip.

    I highly recommend reading this book. It amazes me how a man who so strongly argued against the sects and pseudosciences of his day could have become so strong a proponent of Christianity.

  • RealityBasedSteve

    Time comes in my mailbox once a week. I pick it up, forget to read it, stack it on the coffee table. Sometimes I pick up a copy and get to go back in time.


    Who is running for cover now

  • David Hart

    “comprehending a 7/8 time signature alone would make Pat Robertson’s head explode”

    This suggests a thought: Are the Bulgarians (whose music routinely uses not just 7/8 but even wackier complex time signatures like 11/8 or 15/8 – and they dance to this stuff) somehow less likely to be Robertson style religious wingnuts than other Slavic ethnicities who don’t have to train their brains in such a way?

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  • Paul Fischer

    The BBC news website has just spread the word about your efforts. I don’t know if I’m an atheist (I haven’t seen a rule book) but I do know I don’t believe in a higher power, preferring to judge that it’s more likely that I just don’t know stuff than to accredit some god created it.

    More power to you in your quest but, like Dawkins said, organising non-believers is a bit like herding cats, so don’t get disheartened if an army of anti-religion zealots doesn’t materialise on main street America. It’s going to be a long slow process (it’s not as if you could declare a jihad is it?) but, I hope, truth will out in the end.

    Have you considered the possibility that religion is necessary for less-than-brave of humanity? Opium of the masses etc???

    Anyway, good luck to you.

    Paul Fischer

    Varazdin, Croatia.

  • Brent

    I do understand the main motive of people who organize themselves under the banner of atheism in that they provide counterpoint to people who organize themselves under a universal belief system in some omnipotent metaphysical ruler. However one should keep in mind that atheism might benefit as a strategy of reason. The strategy simply being a comical use of satire because if atheism is taken at face value then it is clearly unscientific. Science does not operate on the method of proving that things don’t exist. Its method is in testing for the existence of things. When a hypothesis is presented that hasn’t been proven, a scientist will simply say that the hypothesis has not been proven. Until it has been proven the scientist can say by universal precepts of reason that they are skeptical. They will always place the burden of proof on the one offering the hypothesis.

    Theism and Atheism could be more appropriately defined as social constructs. One can use a social construct to herd people collectively for a common cause. Money is a good example of a social construct. It is a currency by which its value is universally understood for immediate gain. Belief systems are also currencies but their gain can prove long term. For instance at the height of the cold war the soviets had the best international spy system in place. It wasn’t built on the currency of money but rather the currency of a belief system, that being the political ideology of communism. This currency of a belief system helped win over time the short term gains made by the secular system of the west. If the two super powers had gone to war, the soviets would clearly have taken the upper hand with their intelligence gathering.

    Military philosophy might look at the social construct of a belief system as proving to be an effective currency. Whether it is christianity, satanism, paganism or atheism, if their subordinates are motivated collectively for a common cause, what mission they are put on should not be an issue.

    Global foreign policy works first and foremost on securing valued resources in the interest of national security and sustainability. It doesn’t care who is a christian or a muslim or an atheist. Those are nothing more than currencies. What foreign policy holders are interested in are valuable assets like oil and minerals. If a ground soldier ( which is an disposable asset) can be used to secure those resources then no personal loss is made by the foreign policy holders.

    There is a lot to be said of the quote “The devil is in the details”. Organized belief systems are nothing more than details. To invest your time around the details is like a personal hell you can’t escape from. Ultimately if how we care is the badge we wear then globally there will be no one who cares.

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