SGT Nicholson and wife get atheist tattoos

Kelly sent me this picture:


My husband (SGT Nicholson) and I in Texas while he was stationed at Goodfellow. These are the tattoos we got together. Think you’ll appreciate them. Don’t mind the drunk guy in the background.


I’ve written previously about military atheists getting tattoos. You might want to check out the story about the Navy Atheist who was forced to get his Bad Religion ‘cross buster’ tattoos covered up. He later got much bigger versions on his back!

Here is my champ stamp:

SGT Griffith - Foxhole Atheist

Yes, it is photoshopped. The tattoo is real, but I chose to desaturate the foreground so that the tattoo ‘popped’. (Full disclosure: also, I whitened my teeth. Hey, photoshop was already open… why not?)

This picture is a bit old. A reddit comment appeared shortly afterwards simply stating: “Nice chest hair, asshole.” The first of many blistering anecdotes thrown my way from the overwhelmingly supportive r/atheism community. Even their occasional insults are amusing and fun!

Post your foxhole atheist tattoos over in the American Atheists Military facebook group.

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  • I really need to get one of those, my current tat collection is all nerd stuff (Hello Kitty, a scannable barcode, and an MHI logo) but I think its time for an Atheist tramp stamp.

  • FormerlyNavy

    “Nice chest hair, asshole.”

    Yeah…first of all, the picture is focusing on your ink, and secondly, I expect any guy not in a movie where they wax them all shiny and scary to have some sort of chest hair. Way to go idiot who posted that comment!

  • God is real! The Bible is not just a an old book with funny stories to tell little kids before they go to bed. Is a book that has proven God owns existance throughout ages. What’s more, the book of apocalypsis warns humanity about the times that we are living, as an example: the atheist work your organization is doing. The Bible profesies about large group of people distancing away from the will of God and looking for all that’s harmful against the believers, with words such as: those who turn lukewarm, they lose their first love (which is the love for teh congregations of the saints … those who follow God and Jesus Christ), and then man will seek to do his will opposing that will of God. All that’s happening and fullfilling through you atheists. I pray to my Lord Jesus that you come to your senses and receive Him as your Lord and Savior before you perish and go to hell. I know that you might had been told this lethany many times over, and might discard me as a fanatic for Jesus, but I tell you the time will come in which it will be too late to accept Jesus and follow God into eternal paradise. Have a God Blessed Day, my brothers and sisters.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    I got a big tat of God: I’m totally inkless.

  • Seamus Ruah

    That’s nice Raul, now take your meds and have a nice day.

    Ah, Goodfellow AFB…That brings back memories of 98C school and Secret Square (the school SCIF).

    Nice tat…

  • jane

    If she is an atheist, why does she have a huge tattoo of the devil on her other arm? It’s “atheists” like that who give fuel to certain Christians that say they are really Satanists in disguise.

  • Its just like a christian to assume that a horned god is the devil. I like pictures depicting mythical deities and creatures. I also like tattoos celebrating ones rationality or disbelief in any myth. I personally feel its a perfect pairing.

  • The reason I have demons inked on me is because it correlates to the music I listen to. I don’t believe in god or satan, so Jane, sorry to disappoint you.

  • This is the accurate SGT Nicholson and wife get atheist tattoos diary for anyone who wants to act out out roughly this theme. You react so more its almost wearying to contend with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new whirl on a matter thats been printed almost for eld. Discriminating nonsensicality, simply zealous!

  • Big props for the Death shirt 🙂