Iraqi Christian groups winning the war for the US?

I was following this story in the Fort Bragg newspaper, Paraglide up until this point:

Being able to come to the U.S. to talk with their fellow Christians has strengthened the relationship between the Iraqi and U.S. pastors and creates an even stronger partnership.

“I believe the best way to connect with each other is between each other’s churches. To be able to keep the communication between us, it maintains our relationship and bond,” said Francis.

America wants a secure, stable Iraq,” said Reynolds. “We can continue to achieve that goal with these lasting connections.We need to make Americans and the world aware of their situation. It’s not just Christians, it’s the other groups as well, but this can be the foundation.

Yikes. Sorry, but a meaningful geo-theo-political conversation without concentrating on a Sunni and/or Shi’ite congregation is pretty much moot. The Christian point of view is negligible.

He’s also suggesting that the foundation of lasting international relations with Iraq is (or can be) Christianity. lolwut? That’s crazy talk.

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  • Chaplain, “Lt Col”, Reynolds, that “The largest minority group in Iraq is Christians”. Bullshit, if you’re talking religious minorities, the largest one is Sunni Muslim at 35% (Shia is the majority at 60%). If you do it by ethnicity, then Kurds are the largest minority (15-20%), the majority of whom are Sunni.

    He’s a liar who is deliberately misleading people to make them think christianity is more important in Iraq than it is. So typical of cult leaders to overstate the numbers of their adherents.

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    He’s also suggesting that the foundation of lasting international relations with Iraq is (or can be) Christianity. lolwut? That’s crazy talk.

    There would be difficulties in convincing the Muslims, Shi’as and Sunnis alike, in accepting this idea.

  • GvlGeologist

    If they’re ignoring the differences between Shia and Sunni, then they must also consider that Catholics, Baptists, Congregationalists, Methodists, Lutherans, Pentacostals, Mormons, Anglicans, Easter Orthodox, Evangelicals, etc., all as one big happy family.

    Cue Raven…

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    There’s a story, probably apocryphal, that had the last British governor of Palestine scolding a bunch of Muslims and Jews for “not showing proper Christian love.”

  • The point that I suspect is being made implicitly is that partnerships with US Christians is making the Iraqi Christians happy, since they are a religious minority in the country and would like the support of a powerful force. It absolutely will not be, as you say, the way to stabilize Iraq or fight extremism there.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    MarkNS @ # 1: … if you’re talking religious minorities, the largest one is Sunni Muslim at 35%…

    You’re just being silly.

    The only correct way to view the situation is that there are Christians and non-Christians – and the latter condition is only temporary.

    See how it all fits together now?


  • Re.:”express how the U.S. can help us in the future.”bit in the Fort Bragg newspaper…

    I do not think it outlandish to interpret that in the

    usual Christian Social Welfare way, ie.: ‘Send Money’.

    This while some one in five children in the USA do not get enough to eat daily.