Praying that a soldier burns in hell – classy.

Recently, the National Atheist Party endorsed the upcoming Rock Beyond Belief festival.

On March 31st 2012 at Fort Bragg, The National Atheist Party will be with patriot and proud “Foxhole Atheist” Justin Griffith as he hosts what is sure to be the most fun and  influential secular gathering ever to be held on a military instillation: Rock Beyond Belief

Justin, as some of you may know, was a victim of our systems inability to understand those who can and do separate church from state. While serving under an active duty enlistment, Mr. Griffith was ordered to attend a Christian festival hosted by Billy Graham, and subsequently detained for his refusal.

A true military fighting man, he beat them at their own game.

Thanks, that’s an extremely kind gesture, and write-up. Cool image, too!

Man prays that Justin Griffith will burn in hell

There was a lone comment on this announcement from a man from Tennessee. He possesses a college degree from Memphis State University. But even my infant daughter has spoken more eloquently about religion than this man.

“I pray you don’t burn in hell for this but for how you are just a small small man who is a big big liar.”

Perhaps my response was a bit harsh. I don’t want to come off like Andy Kaufman did when he relentlessly attacked the citizens of Memphis. He was always doing next-level comedy, almost art instead of humor. His ‘inter-gender wrestling’ career was a bizarre stunt, but I still find this relevant clip hilarious:

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  • John

    Justin, your commentary is always relevant and always funny. Keep up the good work.

  • Ken

    Actually, he said that he’s praying that you DON’T burn in hell. Of course, his assumption is that you will burn in his hell, so I’m not sure it’s all that much of a distinction.

    You are correct that the rest of that sentence is a train wreck and impossible to understand in any rational way. Could it be that someone’s six-year-old is using grandpa’s account?

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    That clip was funny? I guess my sense of humour must be different to yours.

  • Forbidden Snowflake

    Actually, Ken, the guy said that he prays Justin will burn in hell not for this (“this” presumably being the festival) but for blah blah blah. So, it’s “burn in hell, preferably for X rather than for Y”. That’s how I understood it.

    Justin, your daughter’s speech on God was very inspiring. Also, adorable.

  • FormerlyNavy

    Love the image, kudos to whomever it was that made it.

    And yeah, more Christian ads are on this blog…the latest is for “Bold Christian Clothing”…cause, well, God forbid (pun intended) Christians wear the same clothes as an atheist…

  • Dan Rawlings

    “low scoring scrabble words” !!! That’s pure gold!! I stealing that phrase.

  • F

    Apparently, you are lying about something. Guessing what that is, it seems, was left as an exercise.