You clowns are nothing but idiots

Troll e-mail has increased dramatically over at the revolution festival’s shiny new website.

Practice makes perfect, I suppose

This is a disgusting thing you are doing. I fought for the right to practice my faith as a born again CHRISTIan. The wickedness you are doing is anti-American. -Douglas Nicholas

But I’m not sure how I’d ever be able to deny your right to practice your faith as a born again CHRISTIan. You do not have the right to proselytize as part of your official government job. You never have, and never should. On the other hand, I’ve fought for your right to practice your faith as a born again CHRISTIan too – I even help my soldiers set up Bible studies, etc.

You do realize that Fox News fabricated the story about us burning down a church, or a band endorsing such a thing? Completely bogus. We <3 ‘merica just like you.

If I’m nothing but an idiot, how can I also be a clown?

Hey I got an idea for you guys. Since you want to spread your atheists ideas why don’t you go to a muslim mosque, or better yet go to a Middle East muslim country and sing for them. You clowns are nothing but idiots who wish to degrade the country’s morals. Go teach you shit to the dopes who think this is a family day event. –Ron Hopkins

clown sweater will wheatonPerhaps Trekker, Will Wheaton already pulled this off (right). He is non-religious, FYI. So maybe Ron is on to something.

Also, I just got back from a Muslim country… ?

For the record, we have no interest in spreading ‘atheist ideas’. We don’t even believe it’s possible for you to lose your religion after hearing a few songs by Aiden and watching some paratroopers land in a field. We’re taking the high road. Where as the entire point of the other (Christian) event was to convert as many Muslim, Wiccan, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist soldiers and their families as possible.

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  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    Atheists are coming out of the closet and they’re looking exactly like normal people. The goddists can’t wrap their heads around this idea.

  • Lewis Benzie

    I lost my faith in God after listening to Spice Girls & my Christmas cracker parachutist’s chute failed to open for the 9 millionth time actually Mr. Griffith 😀

  • F

    Burning stupid burns.

  • azportsider

    When the trolls come out, that means ur doin it rite.

  • Justin Griffith

    @azportsider #4

    Agreed. :3

  • I must ask whether or not you have a copyright statement on your blog?

  • FormerlyNavy

    So, who is “CHRISTI”? I mean, My name is Christine…take off the “ne” and *I* am a CHRISTI…does that mean I have people worshipping me? AWESOME!

  • Guy Roukaerts

    Funny that you have a numerology ad on the site! Keep up the good work, though!