Antimatter universe with anti-people predicting an anti-anti-christ

Antimatter universe with anti-people predicting an anti-anti-christ February 14, 2012

I received a message from a generally polite, but confused person named Jamie. Much of the letter was about something else, but he brought up a common misconception about atheists.

“You must believe that it is True that there is no God.  Which logically means that the contradictory statement that there is a God is false.” – Jamie C.

My reply:

Atheists do not claim to know “there is definitely no god(s)”… one can’t prove a negative. Just like you can’t prove that god is not a flying spaghetti monster… And you also can’t prove that there isn’t some anti-universe made of antimatter with anti-people talking about a coming anti-anti-Christ.

anti-people anti-anti-christ

The burden of proof rests on the person who makes extraordinary claims: talking snakes, global floods, dragons, unicorns (king james translation only), a god who impregnated a woman with a baby that actually was himself (who also already existed ‘somehow’), the hundreds of resurrections in the new testament, angels, demons, devils, satan, and other lesser gods and goddesses, witches, creating a mate for the first person from one of the first person’s ribs, I could go on…

I don’t believe any of those biblical concepts are real or possible. I believe one could disprove the Christian god (certainly a literal interpretation), but you can’t disprove ALL possible gods. So the question is – why are you so atheist towards all of those other possible gods? Answer: no good evidence for their existence. You’ve still overlooked this requirement for evidence only for your religion – hence faith.

I hope that helps.

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  • doug

    The interesting thing about infinity and an infinite number of parallel universes makes it PROBABLE that if infinity is true then there is not only A god out there somewhere but that EVERY possible god is out there somewhere !!!!

    From Jesus and Allah to the FSM and Cthulhu Thor and Zeus.

    It is pretty mind bending stuff 😉

  • Snoof

    The interesting thing about infinity and an infinite number of parallel universes makes it PROBABLE that if infinity is true then there is not only A god out there somewhere but that EVERY possible god is out there somewhere !!!!

    Certainly not. There’s no guarantee that an infinite multiverse contains “all conceivable universes” or even “all internally consistent universes”.

    To illustrate: There’s an infinite number of integers, but that doesn’t mean there’s an integer solution to the equation x^2 + 1 = 0.

    I mean, it’s _possible_ that there’s a universe where Loki and Hermes have a regular poker game with Anansi and Coyote, but lacking any information about the multiverse, including its existence at all, it’s not reasonable to call it “probable”.

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    There are a few strong atheists who believe there are no gods. Many atheists take the attitude “you show me evidence for gods and I’ll believe in them, until then I won’t believe in gods for which no evidence exists.”

  • Justin Griffith


    it works just fine if you divide both sides by zero.

    Oh shi————–

  • trog69

    I for one am already looking forward to praising our anti-anti-Overlords!

  • I have scanned a survey

    [sorry, I do not have the reference to it handy]that indicated that a small number of self labeled “Atheists” indicated that they DID believe in a “G-d”.

    With the individual “Atheists” self interpretation of how that individual chooses to relate to a “God Concept”, I choose simply not to involve my life with a,certainly at this time in the progress of science’s abilities,an unprovable issue that

    the mind of man has seemingly devised.

    However, within “our Brotherhood” it must remain, “one for all & all for one.”

  • Kevin

    I’m a strong atheist. I don’t believe in the possibility of gods.

    Yes, I agree that there could have been evidence presented that would have convinced me there was a god.

    However, the time has long passed where the presentation of such evidence would have been compelling. There’s no scenario that can currently be presented that doesn’t beg the question of “what took you so long?”

    Even Karen Armstrong’s god-that-doesn’t-do-much could have jumped evidentiary hurdles eons ago. Only an imaginary deity would not have done so.

    They’re fictional. And the sooner we all get around to treating them as such, the better off the world will be.

  • Alecthar

    One doesn’t have to dismiss the possibility of something existing for in order to consider it fictional. I consider Unicorns fictional, but would be hard-pressed to retain that viewpoint if presented with an actual unicorn for inspection.

    And your viewpoint on evidence for God isn’t particularly scientific. Good evidence is good evidence, regardless of how long it takes to achieve it. For example, if it takes physicists till the year 3012 to finalize and present compelling evidence of the Higgs Boson, the time it took them to do so doesn’t in any way invalidate that evidence. I agree that the probability of finding compelling evidence of the existence of a deity/deities is virtually nil, but if it were to exist (which it almost certainly doesn’t) the length of time it took to find it wouldn’t be a compelling argument against it.

  • Robert B.

    @ Alecthar:

    But finding new evidence does not make old evidence vanish. The point is not that the evidence has been missing for a while, the point is that the persistent lack of any sign of god is itself a kind of evidence against him. If there suddenly started being evidence for god, we would have to ask, “So, wait, why the sudden change? Does it really make sense for this to suddenly appear now?” The hypotheses of “hoax” or even “there’s something like a God, but it’s not eternal and didn’t create the universe because it was only born just now” would have to get serious attention.

    Even if the Higgs boson were real, we would expect not to directly observe it outside a powerful accelerator, so the fact that we haven’t seen it in everyday life is not evidence either way. An omnibenevolent omnipotent omniscient being really ought to show up somewhere (say, when good people get terminal diseases by random chance), so every time he doesn’t, it’s evidence. And evidence never gets thrown away.