Do you need a messiah?

This cool music video was made by Spoonboy (unasked!) to promote the Rock Beyond Belief Festival at the Fort Bragg army post in North Carolina. The event is being held to counter recent efforts by the U.S. military to encourage soldiers to attend evangelical Christian events.

Spoonboy“Do You Need A Messiah?”

(lyrics below the fold) 

do you need a messiah?

are you waiting to call upon a larger icon to rely on?

do you need a messiah?

are you waiting for jesus?

are you waiting for MLK to rise from the grave and lead us?

don’t you know how they needed us?

are we searching for guidance?

are we scared that the things that we need

are things that we can’t find inside us?

are they things that we hide from ourselves?

i’d like to believe

and i’d like to believe that these sermons and preachers

amounted to more than a lot of hot breath

but i will not be lead any longer through the desert.

and i’d like to think that the things we put faith in

amounted to more than just vague apparitions.

if we don’t have faith in ourselves then it begs the question:

of the concession of power. the resignation to follow on.

these are the words that turn sour.

can we ask ourselves, “do we need a messiah?”

will what we’ve waited for come along?

or should we get on our feet and walk?

Spoonboy to play at Rock Beyond Belief

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