Is our radio advertisement for the atheist festival over the top?

Well yes, yes it is. But we like to have fun here.

Rock Beyond Belief radio ad

This is our ‘demo tape’ for the atheist festival on Fort Bragg. We’d only do something along these lines for the rock station. NPR just doesn’t seem like a good place for “AIDEN WILL RUIN YOUR FAMILY AND DESTROY YOUR CIVILIZATION!” I’d give anything to hear Ira Glass say that though.

We had trouble not laughing as Lance said “Freedom isn’t free, but this festival is.” That phrase is in one of our cadences, and I’ve grown to hate it with years of repetition. I like the message, but it has become cliche – so we re-purposed it.

What are your thoughts? Too much?


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  • Hockey Bob

    I think it’s too loud – I checked it with MP3Gain, and it said the levels were just over 100 dB, with clipping – if you choose “Track Gain”, you can normalize the levels to something less harsh; I chose 92 dB, and to me, it helped a lot. It only takes a few seconds to run; you can find it here…

  • Woody

    Its clear that the voice is that of an amateur. I thought the content was ok, just the delivery (and the recording lacks finesse as well).

    It needs to be re-done.

  • Justin Griffith

    @Hockey Bob – THANKS! Awesome program. No re-encode / transcoding issues to worry about. KILLER!

    @Woody #2 Yeah, It is a demo tape. It’s to give the rock station an idea of what we want them to do. Will be redone.

  • gridlore

    Reminds me of the old ads for drag races. “SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! FUNNY CARS! DUMBARTON RACEWAY!”

    Which is a good thing.

    Wish I could make it, had some great times at Bragg.

  • Good to hear it well be redone. The quality wasn’t good enough for me to understand what the guy was saying.

  • I would suggest playing up the imbalance between Dawkins’s intro and his quote about poetry… Have the deep voice break and say something like “Oh crap… That’s not very hostile, is it? Oh well”, then introduce Aiden.

  • Aquaria

    I hate rapid transitions. I have really bad nystagmus and rapid transitions make me very dizzy.