Fort Bragg’s Camp Quest is massive, Dawkins to meet with kids.

I asked Camp Quest, South Carolina’s (CQSC) Amy Monsky for a schedule of her activities. I’m super impressed. Look at this thing, it represents so much work.

Click to embiggen… this is pretty much amazing.

So much is going on there! This is in addition to the 400 pounds of corn starch going into making the ‘Oobleck’ or non-newtonian fluid. We had to rent cement mixers for this. But kids will literally be able to walk on water (or sink if they stand still) right in front of the main post chapel.

For the more mature children, Richard Dawkins has set aside some time to talk to them. They need to have read one of his books, especially his latest ‘The Magic of Reality’. Parents will be able to escort their children backstage, but we ask that they let the children do the interacting. This will be on film too, so keep that in mind when trying to get with Amy Monsky for this effort. Richard will not be reading to them, but he will be answering any questions they might have.

Take a look at that list – it represents an enormous amount of work, and 40 volunteers (already locked in).

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  • Janie

    I wish I could come but I think you made a mistake. The schedule lists all the events as happening in the a.m. instead of p.m. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something, but I don’t think so.

    Have Fun!

  • Justin Griffith

    Thanks for pointing it out! Someone on facebook got to me too. Fix’d.

    Always make these types of corrections. We appreciate it.

  • lynnwilhelm

    My daughter and I are really looking forward to this. I enjoyed meeting Amy last week and I was super impressed with her work.

    See you next Saturday!

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