Fort Bragg troll researches lyrics, “Spoonboy has daddy issues lol”

Here we go again. This is basically how it started with the hysteria about Aiden’s lyrics, but then some unethical journalism spun it out of control. Now it’s right on the Fort Bragg official facebook post about Rock Beyond Belief. I was wondering how long it would take for fundies to turn on another musician in our lineup. Someone discovered the intensely intellectual pop-gems that David Combs a.k.a. Spoonboy belts out.

But they didn’t attack the atheist stuff. It got weird. Instead they attacked his relationship with his father (or lack thereof).

Chad thinks it’s okay to put down someone for barely knowing who their dad is. He thinks it’s funny to pick on someone for having ‘daddy issues’. He didn’t understand how many relationships are strained in the military community. Chad doesn’t realize that parents are ripped away from each other on a regular basis. The Military lifestyle is like forcing every marriage to oscillate between ‘long distance relationship’ and ‘readjustment’.

How a human can be so flippant about a lifetime of pain and suffering, or the struggle to deal with it… it’s beyond me.

This song is goddamned righteous.  It’s about daddy issues.

I know that not many of you have probably heard David Combs’ music – but that’s your loss. If you take the chance on the song above for 30 seconds, you wont regret it. I even have it queued up to an amazingly vulnerable and honest moment that you simply need to hear for its shear courage. Press play.

It gave me goosebumps when I first heard it a few weeks ago. David hadn’t released a new solo album in over 5 years, and I kept looking and looking in all the obscure weirdo music corners of the internet. He graduated from only doing solo acoustic pop-punk anthems. I hear bits of Neutral Milk Hotel scratching at the surface. 10/10.

He released ‘Mamas and Papas’ just a few months ago. And it’s righteous. And yeah, he has some fucking daddy issues. Just like a lot of us. It might not be your thing, musically (and that’s cool too), but to attack someone over that… why? I don’t get it.

Spoonboy really ‘gets’ Rock Beyond Belief

SpoonboyWhat You Want

SpoonboyDo You Need A Messiah


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  • ischemgeek

    I get this – Dad was military till I was 9. On readjustment: Dad had a tough overseas posting to a combat zone once… long story short, don`t wake Dad up with a 7-yo scream & leap morning after he comes back from combat (even support guys see combat & get attacked). Bad idea.

  • EmbraceYourInnerCrone

    Almost every military family and kid I know has issues. Mine included. We are retired but we were a dual military couple for 16 years, which is even more fun. I am always amazed my daughter has turned out (so far) as well adjusted as she did. For example, the first two years of her life I think her dad was gone for probably a total of almost a year. And she did kindergarten, first and second grade in 3 different schools.

    On the other hand the military kids I knew learned to roll with the changes and adjust to changing circumstances better than some kids who never had to leave their comfort zone. Or as my husband says “Semper Gumby” or I suppose it should be Semper Flexibilis.

  • F

    As if writing about it isn’t therapy for the writer and anyone who can relate.

  • It’s all in the way you frame it, as in this accident report:

    Damage to civilian vehicle: tank tread marks on roof.”

  • Tom Robbins

    @ischemgeek I know i shouldn’t lol, but i loled.

  • Lori

    Wow, just wow. He’s knows just how I feel. He sounds like a perfect fit for Rock the Fort to me. I wish I had access to music like that when I was a teenager.

    I’m one of those Army kids. Dad did three tours of Viet Nam, flying helicopters, those kind you see in the film clips dropping guys off and loading them up. I don’t know what kind of person he was before that because I was about 1 year old the first time he went. But I can’t imagine my mom marrying the kind of asshole bully that I know.

    I went to four different high schools. My brother and I have serious anxiety and depression issues and have both been suicidal. I wish we had had the opportunity to know that we weren’t alone. That war and the military does horrible damage to families, and that it wasn’t our fault.

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