Christian gloating over the heavy rains at the atheist festival

I am the recipient of electronic mail.

This message came through the atheist festival’s contact form on the morning of the festival. It had been raining pretty hard all morning.

From: mike

Subject: wx

Message Body:

enjoying the weather today? Sorta like a flood, huh?

Yeah… It stopped raining just after this email was sent. Then it was blue skies and sunshine from then on out.

Here’s my reply.


It was a lot like a flood. It was the power of prayer at work, clearly. There were several groups praying for it. I would like to thank them for praying the rain away right when the event started, but I suppose they over-did it a bit. This sunburn still hurts days later! Now that you’ve demonstrated your god’s mighty rain powers, do you want to maybe start praying for rain in the struggling African regions? Conversely, you better start praying the rain away in the flooded regions of the world.

Actually, now that ‘praying for weather patterns’ is proven… every hurricane / flood / avalanche / blizzard / tornado / drought from here on out is proof of:

1) God is an asshole


2) Christians are praying for horrible weather for malicious and stupid reasons.

Take care. Please don’t pray for lightning against me. That would be a dick move.

-Justin Griffith

The weather really did play a part to bring down our attendance, without a doubt. But we are happy that well over a thousand people came out anyway. It was a blast.

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  • Alverant

    I heard a lotto player said the odds of him being struck by lightning was higher than him winning. Then he got struck by lightning. Oops!

  • ‘Tis Himself

    Rick Perry had a bunch of folks praying for rain and the end of a drought in Texas. It was pretty unsuccessful. Maybe Mike should show Perry how it’s done.

  • mcbender

    Well, that’s rather absurd, although I’m not too surprised (I was expecting to see more of this rhetoric, actually, given it rained at the Reason Rally also). Your response is excellent.

    (on a side note, I must point out I was amused by the phallic appearance of the radar map in that picture. Was that intentional?)

  • Justin Griffith

    (on a side note, I must point out I was amused by the phallic appearance of the radar map in that picture. Was that intentional?)

    Yes. I’ve had that saved on my hard drive for 4 years now. Finally got the chance to trot it out. 🙂

  • papango

    I guess the .07% of Fiji Islanders who give their relighion as ‘none’ (which is the only non-beleif option on the census) must have really pissed off God. Their flooding has been the worst they’ve seen in a while – 7000 evacuated, death toll at 10 and rising (there’s not much communication with the outer islands at the moment so its hard to tell), another cyclone on its way today.

  • Iain

    “That would be a dick move.”

    Brilliant, love it.

  • F

    Oh well, ‘Tis Himself beat me to it.

  • HowieKor

    Hmmm…. Funny how god went to all that effort to rain on Fort Bragg atheists but he didn’t lift a finger when 100,000 children died in the Southeast Asia tsunami a few years back. That’s one he’ll of a god these gloaters seem to believe in.

    Anyhow, if there really were a god it should have been frogs raining at Bragg.

  • TeAnna

    It was such a great time! I feel bad for those who were scared of by a little rain… what are we? Cats?

  • Rando

    Maybe we should hold more Atheist conventions in Africa. It seems like every time we hold a convention it rains. Atheist convention held in Texas, it rains. Atheist rally in DC, it rains. Rock Beyond Belief, it rains. We need to hold our conventions in Africa, so they can get some rain.

    The irony of course is when Rick Perry held his “pray for rain” rally he got fire!

  • Zugswang

    This was something brought up at the reason rally, and one of the things the MC said was if people want to say god made it rain today, show them pictures of churches destroyed by tornadoes and hurricanes and see how they respond.

  • James

    They’d just make up some BS about god’s unfathomable purpose or some other sorry crap. Once some people are so far invested in something, they’ll do anything to not see it as it really is. Look at how parents turn a blind eye to their children’s less-than-desirable activities/behaviors or how abused spouses make excuses for the beatings or verbal thingywhatevers. (My words are not doing right to me now.) That’s what being a christstain is: it’s an abused/abuser relationship. No. Worse than that, it’s an abused/ficticious abuser relationship.

  • Janine: History’s Greatest Monster

    Here is a proposal for a simple experiment. Hold a freethought festival in the middle of the Atacama Desert. If a flood happens, changes are, the big sky daddy is trying to drown the heretic.

    But as it stands, the flood at the rally was a typically half assed effort.

  • bahrfeldt

    Apparently the “Christians” were following Pat Robertson’s lead and praying to the Prince of the Powers of the Air. Satan.