You have to pick a different religious preference. I can’t spell.

I’m typically not a grammar Nazi when it comes to online chatter, such as a facebook post.

However, when you have a really important government form that impacts someone else’s life (and even their death)… you simply need to get it right. This is super fail.

Anyway… it’s extremely important that we all stand up and be counted. Most of us were told that atheist was not an option (first time I’ve seen the ‘I can’t spell’ defense.)

Click here to fix your records in two minutes or less.


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  • I was handed a similar raft of crap, when as a kid (dependent) I had to replace my dog-tags. It influenced me strongly to never stand for it again.

  • Cee Lee

    That’s my baby, JP =^_^= stupid recruiter.

    Herpderp. I caint spel. >>

  • godlesspanther

    Good thing he could use the abbreviation ‘pref.’ if he had to spell out ‘preference’ that would be a big problem.

  • ‘Tis Himself

    Fortunately that recruiter doesn’t have to spell other big words like “lemonade” and “tricycle”. Or he’d really be in trouble.

  • Sarcen

    Excellent info. I wish I knew about this when I was in the Navy. I was told “Atheist” wasn’t an allowed option.

  • Justin Griffith

    @5 Sarcen

    The vast majority of atheists in the military still believe that to be true. It hasn’t been true for at least a decade (having trouble pinning this date down exactly.) I was told this in 2007, and it’s still happening at recruiter stations in 2012 (I’ve helped quite a few people get it fixed at their recruiter station… arming them with knowledge.)

    Every time I post about it, scores of people from every branch click through to the Navy / Air Force / Marine Corps sites and (presumably) fix their shit.

  • Patricia

    Before faxing my paperwork in, my recruiter had used white out to change my religious preference to Roman Catholic. Wasn’t till I got my tags that I found out.

  • When I told my recruiter I had no religious preference, he grimaced. He asked me what my parents were and I told him they were Baptists. When I got my dog tags they said, “Baptist.” I had new dog tags made in AIT, but it was years before my personnel records were changed.

  • Justin Griffith

    My recruiter initially put his own religion on mine too, in spite of my out, loud, and proud atheism. It was some sort of baptist thing.

    This is another trend that will be difficult to measure without spreading the knowledge that we are being held down by this No-Rel-Pref bullshit. It seriously takes two minutes to fix.

  • steve

    No one ever asked me my religious preference as I was going through the process. The space was blank on my application (my recruiter’s crib sheet not the DA 61, which actually doesn’t have a space for it (unless of course I overlooked it)). I ended up having No Rel Pref on my records.

    *sees Justin giving me the death glare*

    Alright sarnt, stop glaring at me. I’ll get it changed to atheist at my next BA.