The writing is on the wall at boot camp (literally)

A brand new foxhole atheist sent me a few pictures from his cell phone. He’s in ‘hell week’ or ‘reception week’ of basic training. In a few days, his phone will be confiscated by his drill sergeants. He’ll get it back when he’s a soldier.

This is Fort Jackson, SC. These posters are not government issued and are not supposed to be up. Since the command is either unaware or more likely – complicit – they’ve basically established another weird little ‘Limited Public Forum’. All points of view are welcome regarding the topics put forward on these posters.

The posters themselves are the graffiti

Fort Jackson bathroom stall

It seems that reddit’s meme factory is getting through to the masses. I’ve seen this sentiment before, and it’s great to see it actually put into action outside of r/atheism.

This next one is crazy, though. This is a poster that encourages you to provide bibles to complete strangers (notably, at a cost). Definitely not the message you want to spread to new troops. Evangelicals and zealots among them will get a ‘green light’ to proselytize towards Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Wiccan and atheist troops.

Fort jackson latrine

Now ‘some soldier’ fixed it. Now it’s clear to anyone reading this that this is stupid, unethical, and a waste of resources. Perhaps the other new recruits even had chuckle. There is a penis drawn in there too.

I’m glad that I don’t see these soldiers writing on the actual walls, because that would be graffiti.

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  • John

    Ronald Reagan told the poor to eat cake. The religious see the answer to starvation read the bible. Taking advantage of people who are in dire straights to convert them to your belief is immoral but anything goes when bringing people to Jeeesus. Can I get an amen ?

  • Forbidden Snowflake

    Well, the penis confirms it.

  • Dan Rawlings

    man… I don’t know if I could do it… I was already constipated enough at basic WITHOUT that starring at me while I tried to shit

  • MattF

    ^^^ This.

  • Kyle

    Seriously? They get to keep their phones for the first week? All of our shit was confiscated in the first hour at MCRD PI.

  • beerslayer

    At least if the Bibles in question have a leather cover, they (the covers) could conceivably be boiled to render SOME tiny amount of nutrition. And the paper will make nice kindling or TP for some poor starving tribesman. So it’s better than nothing (JUST barely!)

  • RickRay

    They need to drop condoms! But don’t tell the Pope.

  • left0ver1under

    I probably would have thrown the posters in the garbage had I seen them. I wonder if the second poster is from the idiotic “10/40 window” campaign.

    If I could contact the soldier, I’d suggest taking a pair of scissors and tape to the first poster: Cut the tail of the “p” and tape it above, turning it into a “b”.

  • A campaign to deliver bibles to the Colombian jungle can only reveal a twisted sense of priority on the part of whomever came up with the idea.

    By the way, the greatest worry for Colombians out there at the jungle is not hunger, it’s violence. Or rather, the abuse by armed groups given the almost nonexistent presence of State in the Amazonian region. Lack of scripture is among the least of their worries indeed.

    (Not to mention, obviously, that Colombia is not in Africa, but it still makes sense to note that starving kids ANYWHERE are a far greater priority than unneeded religious books).

  • Maybe,as suggested in a comment above, the

    pray poster is intestinally constipated. An enema may relieve that. What he really is in need of however is, a

    flushing out of his

    intellectual constipation.

  • Matrim


    Seriously? They get to keep their phones for the first week? All of our shit was confiscated in the first hour at MCRD PI.

    Ours too, but they kept them in a locked room in the barracks. It took us about two hours after lights out to figure out that we could climb up through the drop ceiling and down into the room and get our phones. Don’t know if they knew we were doing it, but we never got caught red handed and they never called us on it.

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  • Hmm, if you pray well enough, god will intervene in a sporting contest and temporarily suspend the laws of physics and probability to permit the team that prays the best to win.

    Meanwhile, there are about 27,000 children around the world dying of starvation and malnutrition. They just have to die, god id too busy playing sports. Or maybe they just didn’t pray well enough?