Newt Gingrich was bitten by a penguin at the zoo

LOLWUT? Please tell me there is video of this!

GREENSBORO, N.C. – The day after Newt Gingrich was bit by a penguin at a zoo, he acknowledged he is “the underdog” and said his campaign began renting their donor list because they needed money.

Following a tour of the NASCAR museum, Gingrich said he spoke with Santorum in St. Louis, Mo. but only briefly. (This was the same day the Speaker visited the St. Louis Zoo, was nipped by a penguin and met a tiger named Callista – just like his wife, he joked to reporters.)

(via MSNBC)

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  • Ileen Verble

    America expects that every penguin will do his duty.

  • Chiroptera

    …and said his campaign began renting their donor list because they needed money.

    lol wut?

    How do you rent a donor list?

  • I hope it wasn’t a radioactive penguin… or a were penguin… Either Virginia will have the world’s stupidest superhero or every full moon Virginia will live in fear of the Were Penguin.

    Look… If he gains weight and starts carrying an Umbrella I suggest calling The Batman.

  • bryonyvaughn


    Instead of selling the list for someone to use at their leisure for as many times and as many causes as they like, they allow someone to use it once for one purpose within a certain time limit.

    Often when you get something from a rented mailing list you’ll have your account/member/registration number from one organization and another number both in a line about your name and address. Often they’ll have other codes embedded too. Sometimes I’ve had my name on lists two different companies rent to a third company. An easy way to help track this stuff is to use a different middle initial whenever you sign up for things…. like Chiroptera A. Brown, Chiroptera B. Brown, Chiroptera C. Brown, Chiroptera D. Brown, etc.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    How sick did the poor penguin get?

  • wholething

    Penguins are the best birds.

  • @wholething

    I think you misspelled “crows.”

  • gridlore

    The penguin revolution is coming!

  • Tyrant of Skepsis

    It was the French! Erm, I mean, Martians

  • That is a truly genius photoshop. I love it! Is that penguin body + owl eyes + dog mouth, or what?

  • Who Cares

    try lion

  • Googling for lion roar pictures, I can see it, but it’s not obvious if you’re not familiar with the internals of a lion mouth. In particular, I think of cats in general as having wider jaws (relative to their depth) than this shows, but it looks like I was wrong about that.

  • Is the penguin okay?

  • Ripberger

    Newt should be fortunate that it was not armed.

  • F

    Maybe it was Tux.

  • that_paul

    If you’re locked in a cage and have to pick one Callista to be in there with you, I’m picking the tiger. She looks batshit insane.

  • Skip White

    I can’t imagine what the implications would be if it was one of those homosexual penguins.

  • arakasi

    Ducks! He was supposed to be nibbled to death by ducks! Come, my feathered minions. I see that we need to discuss again the importance of following a plan. One more screw up like that and it’s turducken time