The atheist Vietnam veteran’s reply

Yesterday, I posted about the Christian troll who said that atheists all die in foxholes – but god protects Christians from death.


Bart Centre, author of The Atheist Camel replied:

Good reply Justin.

When I was in Nam I saw a lot of Christians die. One guy was so busy praying during an assault on our fire base he forgot to reload. Interestingly, this atheist 11Bravo made it home unscathed…except for heat exhaustion and worms. I guess no-god loves non-believers.

-Bart Centre

That’s right. God and prayer can actually get you killed.

If I was in a foxhole or other fighting position with a religious peer, I’d slap the shit out of him if he stopped everything to pray. I’d tell him to get his act together before he gets us killed. He’d probably thank me afterwards, and if not – oh well. I’d rather take an ass-chewing from some commander than be dead.

Most religious soldiers wont freeze up and just break down crying and praying during the firefight. They will simply react based on instinct and training. If that instinct happens to be ‘praying the bullets away’, then it’s my job to snap them out of it and force them to think back to their training.

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  • Justin:

    Quoting U,”force them to think back to their training”.

    I say that there is also Religionist training that must be considered.

    You get the religiously indoctrinated after the age of 17 but the

    religion training can start in infancy.

    It would be an interesting experience, IMO, to see whether it would be a life time of religious training or

    a few years of armed forces training that would be forced to the fore at a moment of intense fear induced praying.

  • Why would the christian be in a foxhole anyway? They always say there are no atheists in foxholes, I say ONLY atheists are in foxholes. It’s like the Pope-mobile, nothing says faith in a god like 3 inches of bulletproof glass.

  • As an atheist combat leader, I can tell you my atheism had more to do with bringing all my guys home than their prayer. Instead of relying on a magic sky wizard and incantation, I studied SIGACTs and INTEL reports to find out where and when we needed to be 100% locked in. I used evidence, study and logic to find or understand or make a best guess as to when and where, the religious zealots would want to kill us for not believing in their god. Oh, and I’m talking about the Islamic Jihadists religious zealots in Iraq, not the Talibangelicals in our own country, just for clarification. I wouldn’t want to disparage them.

  • No True Christians are vulnerable to bullets, I guess.

  • Isaac

    As a submariner, I was never in active combat. There was one time, though, that our sub was in danger of going down. Had the first man to recognize the nature of the problem stopped to pray, I probably wouldn’t be here today. Had I stopped to pray, I might not be here today. My atheist friend probably saved all of our lives, while I merely helped. I seriously thought we were all going to die, but praying never entered my mind.

  • danielq

    When Christians brought out the “There Are No Atheists In Foxholes” card, I always responded with “Of course not. We’re too God damned busy engaging the enemy, to be worried about crawling away to a Christian grave, and asking imaginary friends for assistance.” I say that to show the point that atheist soliers will focus more on the mission and the real world, than fantasy and escapism.

  • cswella

    Pat Tillman anyone?

  • Good one man. For all kinds of troll gags , go to my favourite one.

  • navonjohnson

    If God protects his own, then why even be in the foxhole if you are a Christian to begin with. Run out and charge the enemy and don’t worry about return fire. Your God armor will make all the bullets bounce off of you. Yes?

  • geocatherder

    Pat Tillman, Yes!!!! (Sorry, got carried away there. He’s from my home base, Silicon Valley.)

    I am not a military person. I am an old, fat, female supporter of our military people; I spent the first decade of my engineering career designing military flight simulators, and met a lot of military instructors and students that I admired. (I met a few that I didn’t admire, too, but that sort of describes the human population as a whole.)

    I’ve seen nephews cycle through four or eight years in the military and be better for it. (None of my nieces needed that sort of structure.)

    The military instructors that I knew weren’t into invoking Jesus to their students; they were interested in teaching them to identify potential targets vs. potential aggressors vs. noncombatants. The students were interested in learning the same things. The nephews were interested, ultimately, in putting what people-management skills they’d learned to the test in a civilian situation. If there was a deity involved, s/he sure kept to the background.

    Dammit, I only just know how to shoot a gun; but if I’m ever in a civilian firefight with crazies, and the guy next to me starts praying, I’m going to kick him in the head. A small hole might let in some wisdom, to paraphrase Kipling.

  • mutt50

    I’m a Vietnam vet, a combat vet, former marine. I never prayed in ‘Nam or anywhere else, simply because it never occurred to me to do so. I did not grow up in a church going family. My mother was a German “war bride” who never trusted organized religion.

    I do know, that indoctrinated people often can’t comprehend non-belief. So they accuse you of whining to the deities when no one is around. They must know how insulting that is, and don’t care. But this dishonesty proves how brittle their own faith really is.