I’ll take a baby on the rocks, shaken not stirred

So I get email. I’ll spare you because it was simply lyrics to a god-botherer song. I replied “Poetry sucks. Get a guitar.” That riled him up, so he expressed anger and then sent me another set of lyrics.

This was my second reply:

By the rivers of Babylon

 You really did babble on

Crazy – yet not like a fox

 Your bible says to remember Zion

I’ll Hide my kid from the rocks

 That you want to smash her head on.

Seriously, read Psalm 137 all the way through.

Sing it to the tune of the 1970’s Reggae song “Rivers of Babylon” which mysteriously omits the ending about murdering babies (and being happy to do it.) I wonder why?

That’s a picture of my daughter, Zoe. Babylonian daughters would be (almost) as beautiful. Psalm 137’s conclusion is disgusting. Good thing Zoe learned how to facepalm early.

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  • trog69


    Hey, by the way; what church are you gonna take her to? We have a great…blah, blah, blah.

  • ‘Tis Himself

    Cute kid, Justin.

  • gridlore

    What a cutie! And already wearing cammo!

  • desireefowlks

    Good thing baby Zoe knows the face palm. It will be an useful skill later on dealing with fundies. LOL