Goodnight, MASH Fort Bragg

I am so proud of all of you. Thanks for sticking in there and being the example to all the other MASH groups that are sprouting up. It’s up to you now. I’m leaving – I’m a recruiter now – hooray!

Effective immediately, I’m quitting this group. I love you all (in god’s gay way) and I wish nothing but the best for the new leadership. You should all stay active in this group and participate to your fullest. You’ve got something special here, please keep it alive.

MASH Fort Bragg will be whatever it chooses to make itself. If you like ‘topic x’ then identify that you are an expert on that topic, and you’ll likely be ‘head of topic x’. The only sure way to kill our group is to do nothing and be a pedestrian waiting to be told what to do. It frustrates the leadership in ways that you will never know (and there are two sides to every story, despite what you may or may not hear about me in my absence.)

Please step up. Even though not everyone saw eye-to-eye all the time, a handful of people consistently stood up and voiced their opinion. Thank you so much to all of you (even those I may be leaving in less than optimal terms).

I’m not truly gone. As the Military Director for American Atheists, I promise you national support – be it in the form of massive press coverage, or even a second round of those awesome t-shirts (AA spent a lot of money on the first round, yet I’m glad that we’re OUT OF THEM! AWESOME!) Keep in mind, despite my departure, I can influence this city as a national director at that national organization. Call me if something is out of line. I run towards the gunfire.

Regretfully yours,

Justin Griffith

Military Director for American Atheists

“If you’re afraid of dying – you better not be scared to live.”

Don’t be yourself, free yourself.

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  • Recruiting for the Army? The American Atheists? Private business? Gotta be precise!

    Good luck, whichever it is. You are a most persistent and courageous campaigner.