They aren’t even good at lying for Jesus

Thank you for coming through and voicing your concerns to the 2-508 PIR command. They did clarify some things, but then they made it worse.

The good news

I called Mrs. Belton – who is a very sweet woman, and military spouse (husband is a chaplain in the unit, but she is a civilian.) She even thanked me for a very interesting evening. I told her who exactly who I was and she and I hit it off quite well.

1) Soldiers are in fact banned from attending this event during the duty day, though this was not clear at first. The point of contact has invited camera’s to ‘check’). This is good.

2) This is not supposed to be endorsed by the command, and they have now ‘identified this as a problem’ (take a bow internet atheists – good job.)

The bad

The post was removed and replaced with this:

Fellow 2 Fury facebook followers, we apologize however we have decided to remove our prayer flyer due to an Atheist watch-dog group attempting to usurp our page to encourage political discent. It was intended for our spouses and family members and not our paratroopers as we are currently deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. We respect everyones choice of religion and thank you for your continuous support.

The ugly

They were the ones repeatedly violating laws, regulations, and even their own guidance.


Please speak for us!

They banned many of us, including soldiers in this unit!

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  • ScottS

    LOL… I was wondering what “discent” was.

  • jenniferphillips

    it’s…uncommon 🙂

    Keep fighting the good fight, Justin. You are making a big difference in the world.

  • Seems like they scrubed my post as well, then banned me… ahh well what does a 101st Vet expect from the 82nd? lol

  • Oli

    I know they like to think that their shit has no discent.. but they really took it too far. I went on earlier and was well impressed with the way people were calmy asking for equality, which makes it even sadder that they are deleting and blocking!

  • flyz4free

    Now they have erased a LOT of other posts, mine included so I posted and took a screen cap of this:

    “Pointing out that an activity is unconstitutional and illegal is not “activism” people. It is pointing out a wrong, a wrong made even more aggregious as it was committed on a government site. Deleting angry posts is fine. Deleting posts that are effectively pointing out the unfairness and illegality of preferring christianity to all other belief sets and non belief on a tax payer funded site is cowardly….and just what a guilty person or group would do. Quit it!”

    We’ll see how long it takes for this one to be gone!

  • flyz4free

    It was gone in less than a minute!

  • The moderator is on right now, I would like to take credit for that much. 😉

  • D.Blackwell

    I just posted mine and have taken a screen capture. Let me know if it is needed to call them out on their hypocrisy. Really, scrubbing and banning- guess they have as many problems with freedom of speech as they do with the establishment clause

  • Banned? Like in China’s online censorship regime thingee?

    Banned?! Like nuns in the Vatican?!

    Banned?! Like gay folks or smokin’ some pot at a Mormon picnic?

    What the?

    Folks. Bin Laden is gone and so is any ‘holy war’ crap.

    No need for division in America. Enough already to deal with worldwide.

    Educate. Big ups to Justin, Dawkins and crew~