Protest the Fort Bragg area pastor who says “punch your gay child”

I’m going to church on Sunday. This church:

Priscilla, the new leader of the Military Atheists & Secular Humanists at Fort Bragg (MASH Fort Bragg) secured a permit for all of us to protest outside this awful man’s church. Several religious groups are on board. I think the local Humanist organization, CNCAH is bringing out their members too.

This protest is one of those unified fronts that hard-liner atheists like me secretly love to participate in. This is simply social justice, and Priscilla / MASH Fort Bragg took the lead in delivering it. I ‘quit’ the group a few days ago, but I obviously left it in very capable hands.

Meet here:

Please, RSVP here.


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  • Go MASH Fort Bragg!

  • On the other side of the Pacific Ocean and I can his crap from over hear! Peeewww!

  • Go MASH!

  • Pastor Sean and his wife are TRUE Christians. Pain, violence, and abuse and denial of the natural world has always been a Christian hallmark.

    The children he references should just be happy that he hasn’t gone all Old Testament on them and demand the parents kill them. That must be the pastor’s Christian love shining through.

  • Clayton

    Let’s not forget the sexism there too. After all, what value do women have other than to be appealing to men? *Vomits all over the video* Really shows how terrible evangelicals are, huh?

  • Brian

    What starts with hitting graduates to killing. This is the legacy of those who preach hatred.

  • Derrik Pates

    If I lived near North Carolina, I’d come and join you.

  • Justin Griffith

    To all the people who tried to click on our earlier link to the protest… I blame PATRICK! (:

    Otherwise, please click HERE.

  • Lex

    Someone needs to throw this guy into a lesbian bar. Let us butches deal with him. As not only does beating on any kid piss us off, but we don’t like the hidden meaning behind nothing against lesbians.

    I’d be willing has something with the pure CHRISTIAN beliefs about women.

  • N. Nescio

    I wish I lived close enough so I could attend the protest.

    Can I chip in money for a giant “FUCK YOU” banner?

  • Yoritomo

    Sometimes you’re gonna act like a girl, walk like a girl, talk like a girl, smell like a girl, and that means you’re gonna be beautiful, you’re gonna be attractive, you’re gonna dress yourself up.

    Revolting. Also, creepy.

    I would almost like to introduce him to the “modesty” crowd for a little fundie fight, but I expect all that would result in would be an even bigger evil.

  • sc_67bb5977d4314b6c05da49448768e0f3

    MASH, You’re all over this stuff like white on rice. If I was at Bragg I would join you.


  • Mark

    Sean Harris is also a liar. He calls himself “Doctor” Harris when he has two honorary doctorate degrees from unaccredited colleges. This is a common scam among many right wing Christians. Next time you hear of the right wing Christian leader calling himself doctor, his doctor degree is probably bogus.

  • Jason

    “man up” by hitting children?

    not preached by any god I want to worship.


  • stephenweeks

    “God Hates Figs!”

    Matthew 21:19-20

    I wish I were close enough to participate.


  • xians are so persecuted! We won’t let them do anything they damn well feel like? Here’s my video “Ok, “christians,” Make It Better!” The persecution of xians just has to end! Oh, the humanity!

  • What a most incredible god damned ill educated Neanderthalic asshole! I am not the violent type but I could make exceptions now and then for folks like him. What a total twat! Excuse my French, but he spoiled my dinner…

  • What a prick.

    And the cackling crowd plays along.

    This is God’s morality? You can keep it.