Police in King, N.C. end their investigation against atheist vet

Following up on yesterday’s post about Steven Hewett, the atheist Afghan war veteran who came home to his city’s Christian veteran’s memorial… he left this message on the “Remove the Christian Flag from King County” Facebook page

The City of King and the Police Administration has placed me under severe emotional and mental duress in expecting my imminent arrest and prosecution for expressing my constitutional freedoms within the city limits of King.

I just received the long awaited phone call from the King Police Department’s Investigator who informed by he had spoken with the Stokes County District Attorney’s Office and was informed that there were absolutely no criminal charges that could be filed against me, I’m sure much to their dismay.

Wow, what a waste of the police department’s manpower! I wonder now if they can go out and catch “REAL” criminals??????? Exhaling, a sigh of relief!


Steven has also stated that he recorded the initial incident of him being harassed by police for what he describes as not littering.  He indicated he was set to release it soon. Stay safe, Steven!

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  • Didaktylos

    Can somebody charged with “wasting police time” or whatever it’s called on your side of the Atlantic?