Mark Rowden is ANOTHER local pastor that would ‘punch gay kids’

Local media are finally picking up tomorrows massive protest against Pastor Sean Harris – who recently advocated for “punching your gay children.” The excellent article at Patch flushed out another local pastor who is crazy enough to say things like this in public:

Pastor Harris should be praised for his bold stance in scripture. People get so bent out of shape over things. If America don’t stop allowing such ungodliness to go unchallenged, we’ll find our nation like Sodom. We forget the Bible says “spare the rod, spoil the child”

Mark Rowden

It’s time these bigots get called out by more than just the atheist crowd. Luckily, that’s exactly what is happening!

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  • ‘Tis Himself

    Another bully using religion to justify his homophobia.

  • evilDoug
  • Akira MacKenzie

    I’m I the only one who thinks that Mark Rowan looks like he is coming out of a washing machine in that picture?

  • Where will be a place to park near the protest?

  • F

    When people of a differing opinion confront these jerks, are they to play by the same rules? That one should beat Sean Harris until he behaves as one wishes?

    These authoritarian conservatives understand only threats, war, and violence, and think you should understand everything that way, too.

  • Justin Griffith

    LOL’d at the Washing Machine comment.

    Parking is actually best at the Kohl’s lot, I think. The details are at the Facebook event, but you have to ‘see more’ and expand the summary.

  • godlesspanther

    evilDoug — beating your kids makes baby jesus coo and giggle goes back — probably forever. But I would put the origins of the contemporary view of it with James Dobson, The Strong Willed Child, 1992.

    Dobson is a rabid psychotic homophobe and advocate of child abuse based on what it says in a stupid old book.

    I would say that the ideological genealogy of Sean and Mark go back to Dobson.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Should anyone get the chance to confront either of these clergythings in person, please ask them to cite book, chapter & verse for that “spare the rod” schtick. (Hint: it ain’t in the Babble.)

  • Fact Teller

    Just come out of the closet Harris. Everyone already knows.

  • Robin

    “If a man sires a homosexual child that man should be kicked in the testicles hard enough that he will never procreate again.” Thus sayeth the Mother. How’s that for some homophobic punishment clergythings?

  • Alan(UK)

    #8 Pierce R. Butler

    Contrary to popular belief, this exact statement was not found in the Bible. It was from a poem written by Samuel Butler in 1664.


    If matrimony and hanging go

    By dest’ny, why not whipping too?

    What med’cine else can cure the fits

    Of lovers when they lose their wits?

    Love is a boy by poets stil’d

    Then spare the rod and spoil the child

    The Bible verses usually cited in justification are:

    Proverbs 23

    13 Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.

    14 Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell.

  • Art

    Hmmmm … A pastor that talks a lot about other peoples sexuality, who takes a strong, violent, stance on homosexuality. He also makes a point of appearing in ads with his wife so that his heterosexuality is unquestionable.

    Quick, someone start the betting pool for how long it is going to be before he is caught ‘having his luggage lifted’.

    Hint for people seeking to cover their latent homosexuality: Don’t make a big thing about your sexuality, don’t show too much enthusiasm about being anti-gay, and don’t flaunt your supposed straightness by making a point of showing up with your wife and kids. Too macho, too straight, too anti-gay, too worried about having signs and symbols of straightness around you all suggest that you’re secretly gay. People who worry about sexuality usually have problems with sexuality. Chicken – egg.

  • Buffy

    “When people of a differing opinion confront these jerks, are they to play by the same rules? That one should beat Sean Harris until he behaves as one wishes?”

    No. In fact, merely telling religious zealots you disagree with them is “persecution”. Soon after the protest we’ll hear them bleating about how they’re being “attacked” for their “deeply held religious beliefs”.

    • biltong

      listen buffy, the vast majority of we christians find the attitude of these men totally reprehensible and unacceptable so stop your stupid broad generalising, trying to lump us all together with them just because you don’t like us and what we believe. you need to deal with your own foolish hostile attitudes and intolerances before you start telling others what to do!

  • amazondrea

    I’m a mother of two daughters. I love both of them just the same. If either one of them ever tell me they are gay, my love for them will remain the same. I will never disown them. I will never kick them out of the house for their sexual preference. Life for them won’t change as far as I’m concerned. Should some pastor or some other idiot ever punch my kids for being gay, I’ll beat the living fuck out of them. That screen name is a name given to me because I’m a tall woman. I’ve been described as an Amazon. I’m 6’1”. People don’t want to mess with the wrong mother’s children. If I ever come across a pastor or some other idiot trying to bully a gay kid, I’ll step in and tell the idiots to pick on someone their own size, me.

  • amazondrea

    You know what, I think I’m going to start punching pastors for wearing two different kinds of clothing. That’s a sin according to the bible.

    • biltong

      amazondrea, that’s OT and we are NT so it doesn’t apply, but if you want to punch them for punching others, be my guest. I can’t find any scripture where Jesus punched anyone because they sinned!

  • StevoR

    @ ^ amazondrea : .. & so I believe is eating shrimp!