Some little girls grow up to dig holes. Get over it.

Fort Bragg area pastor Sean Harris said that we should punch our kids if they ‘act gay’. Referring to effeminate boys he said,

“Man up, son, get that dress off you and get outside and dig a ditch, because that is what boys do.”

This is a brilliant sign featuring the daughter of Priscilla Parker, the new leader of MASH Fort Bragg (Military Atheists & Secular Humanists). It’s funny and cute way to say – who cares if their daughter is a lesbian (‘digs holes’)?


Priscilla has secured a protest permit near the Berean Baptist Church. The Police Department has estimated that hundreds of people are going to show up, starting in about an hour, but going all the way up until noon. RSVP here.

Christian groups are actually coming out to represent in large numbers, standing tall with us. They instantly realized that Sean Harris’ statements are extreme in nature and they want to send a message – that his theology is the fringe. His congregation is akin to Westboro Baptist Church.

This particular protest is not about attacking ‘all religion’. Please do not bring signs that divide this rare opportunity for acceptance in a highly polarized town. Make your message about Sean Harris and his statements. Don’t spare local Pastor Mark Rowden either. He outed himself as an ardent supporter yesterday. I hope the media has a field day with him too.

Take a lesson from the above sign. Make yours like this. Not everyone even needs a sign! I’ve heard some of my friends mention they are dressing up their infants ‘in drag’. Get creative! But stay on topic, and relax if someone didn’t get the memo. You can’t win them all.

Autistic child? Crack those wrists for Jesus!

Priscilla Parker had another problem with Sean Harris statements.

…read more below the fold…

Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch. Ok?

Her daughter Rhiannon (featured in that picture above) is autistic. She is very interested in digging holes because she likes the feeling of textures, and also the pressure on the ground. Limp wrists can be associated with autism. Lots of autistic children hand flap while ‘stimming’ (stimulating).

It is often stated that diseases like epilepsy were the likely culprit for tales of possessions, leading to futile bloody witch hunts. I wonder how often statements like these can still take root and have similar consequences. Is it mainstream Christian doctrine to ‘punch the gay away’? No. So let’s keep it that way.

Sean Harris, Mark Rowden – you are ignorant bigots, and awful humans. Christians see this clear as day. You do not belong in my city. Go be with your friends from the Westboro Baptist Church.

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  • ischemgeek

    Kids with FAS/FDES flap their hands a lot, too – especially when excited. I used to have two foster brothers with comination FAS and FDES, and they both flapped their hands when happy (usually while bouncing with glee about something – it was very cute).

  • Christian Wade

    Epilepsy means disease from on high. It was thought that the person with this disease was either being favored or punished by the gods. Some of the great leaders in various religions probably experienced this disease and were looked upon favorably. The same could be said of those with mental illness. In some cultures, they were looked upon favorably and thought to be favored by the gods and in other cultures they were locked away… very interesting…

  • Marc

    ” Is it mainstream Christian doctrine to ‘punch the gay away’? No.”

    You mean now or 50 years ago?

  • velociraptor

    Sergeant Griffith,

    Once upon a time, towards the beginning of my career, I had a Platoon Sergeant named Sean Harris. He was VERY religious and homophobic, as I recall. He also strongly disapproved of my live-in relationship off-post with the lady I eventually married (and am still married to). This was also around the time I began ‘deconverting’. Suffice it to say that I remember him being a complete tool. Heard he had retired and become a pastor. I’m willing to bet this is the same Sean Harris.

  • Robert B.

    @ ischemgeek:

    I haven’t seen those acronyms before. Does “FAS” stand for “fetal alcohol syndrome”? If so, I guess the D in the other acronym stands for “drug”?

  • Dogface

    @ velociraptor:

    That looks like a safe bet. Per the Berean Baptist Church web site:

    “Pastor Sean graduated from the US Army Sergeant’s Major Academy (Class #55), Ranger School, Jumpmaster School, and numerous other courses relating to his specialty. He has deployed to combat four times with the 82nd Airborne Division, including a combat jump into Panama in 1989. It was during his most recent deployment in Iraq that he believes God made it absolutely clear that he should retire at the earliest opportunity and enter the pastorate.”

  • velociraptor

    Dogface –

    That’s the guy. When I read his biography, it jibed with what I remembered of the dude (82nd combat patch, Jumpmaster wings with mustard stain, Ranger tab) and when I inflicted the webite you directed me to on myself, I confirmed it was him. He still has that same dopey-ass look on his face.

    The video of his ‘sermon’ is appalling.

  • mxh

    So, if any one of his followers commits child abuse, what are the odds that this guy will also get arrested?

  • StevoR

    Sean Harris, Mark Rowden – you are ignorant bigots, and awful humans. Christians see this clear as day. You do not belong in my city. Go be with your friends from the Westboro Baptist Church.

    Too right & well said. Quoted for truth.

    Also boys – men – are supposed to end up as ditch diggers?

    Nice to see he has such a high ambition, when’s *he* going to “man up”, leave the priesthood and start digging I wonder?? Ain’t he aboy and isn’t that then what he’s supposed to do while his wife becomes a sweet smelling beautiful sports star? As y’know all women do. [/sarc.]

    Or, wait was *this* his attempt at doing verbally what he obviously isn’t good enough to do physically? Digging himself a nice big hole and throwing the dirt out of it over everyone else?

  • Antares

    I’ve heard some of my friends mention they are dressing up their infants ‘in drag’.

    Strongly dislike. Whenever I see people use their kids to convey their political / religious / whatever message, I cringe inside. Seriously, leave the children out of this unless they freely choose it. And by “freely” I mean explicitly not to impress Mommy and Daddy.

    Please. OK?