Violets are red, roses are blue

Violets are red

Roses are blue

Analyze what was said

Don’t fall for it too

Be a skeptic. Question everything you’re told. Answer that question with empirical and repeatable observational data. Before you share your findings, try to prove yourself wrong. Especially when you’re right.


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  • Suido

    Reminds me of the Stroop Effect.

    Violets are red

    Roses are blue

    Your god’s as real

    As Dr Fu Manchu

  • beerslayer

    Einstein was wrong on many occasions. Babe Ruth struck out a lot.

    Even the experts are sometimes wrong. Question everything.

  • Crys

    Question everything but not because you dont like it, rather because you have good objective reasons to.

    Also believe things that are demonstrable, even if they make you question other things you are told or believe, even if they make you like your world a little less

  • Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    Roses are red,

    violets are purple.

    Nothing rhymes with purple.

  • Justin Griffith

    “Katherine said”

    Nothing rhymes with purple?

    My brain carries its weight.

    When compared to her pull,

    I’m better than Kate.

  • F

    Tennessee Williams?

  • Phillip IV

    Suido @ #1:

    Your god’s as real

    As Dr Fu Manchu

    And that’s far from the only similarity between these two fictional characters. The genocidal bend and the ruthless and arbitrary use of torture on innocent people is also a trait shared between the two.