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Drew Epstein just sent me a message about his new MMAtheists effort. You know you like to click on things – ‘like’ this thing on Facebook!

Mixed Martial Arts training is a standard part of military hand to hand combat readiness.

As the US Military (the Marines in particular) advertise directly toward the Mixed Martial Arts community, I thought you might understand my position on this issue.

We have many “foxhole” atheists in Mixed Martial Arts, and most of them are afraid to come out for fear of social and physical detriment. The majority of fighters, especially those of Brazilian descent, are feverishly religious; many say prayers before entering combat events, and many thank Jesus after an event (win or loss).

As MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, I want to make sure that atheist athletes have a place to communicate and realize that they are not alone, and let the world know that not everyone brings a bible with them to Fight Club. That is why I have created MMAtheists on Facebook.

This page will be dedicated to highlighting MMA figures who have pointed out that Jesus doesn’t belong in combat sports, or any other organized sport. As a practicing mixed martial artist, I will also author product reviews, training techniques, and other practical suggestions.

At some point soon, I would like to start offering sponsorship to the ranking and upcoming MMAtheists around the country, helping to counter the overwhelming influx of capital that flows in from the religious right.

I would like to ask your support at this very early stage as I attempt to launch and grow the community by “liking” or “sharing” this community page, to get the word out.

If this is an inappropriate request, I apologize. As the Military arm of American Atheists, I thought you might understand better than most. The MMA community stands very firmly behind the U.S. military and many of the best mma fighters in the business came from military backgrounds. Please help me find those fox hole MMAtheists and let them know there is place for them.

Thank you very much for your consideration, and have a great day!

Drew Epstein

Founder, MMAtheists

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  • Kit Walker

    Jason David Frank, the original Green Power Ranger, is an MMA fighter now. He gets his gear through a company called “Jesus Didn’t Tap”. Meaning I can’t buy the official t-shirt of one of my childhood idols without wearing an image of three empty crosses on Golgotha.

  • From what I understand Dana White, President of the UFC, is an atheist as is Joe Rogan, who is a commentator. There was an interesting Youtube video of Dana and Joe answering questions from a crowd, and a guy wanted to be a chaplain for the UFC. Joe Rogan verbally tore him a new one.

    I’m an atheist who has two kids, and are bringing them up to be atheists. They are both in martial arts (Tama) which is a mixed style — there are grappling/jiu-jutsu elements incorportated with kicks and punches. They are learning to fight just in case they run into trouble with theists who are overly assertive with their faith.

  • qapla
  • SecularJustice

    Frank Mir is also an open atheist. It seems all the company men are atheists, but keep it quiet so they don’t ruffle their fans or sponsors