Jesus was gay

That’s right, Pastor Sean Harris would have punched baby Jesus – for being gay. Or so says Kenneth Low, author of Dark Knowledge.

Kenneth contacted me on Facebook to let me know about his important book. He said:

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a retired physician living in Davis and author of a book, Dark Knowledge. Essentially a logical argument, it leads the reader to a surprising revelation:  Jesus was gay. I’m opening a new avenue in public secular discussion.”

This is the entirety of Kenneth Low’s resume:

Kenneth Low is a retired physician living in Davis California. Dark Knowledge is his first work.

Seems legit, right?

I thought it was a joke at first. Perhaps it was along the lines of Canadian punk band Rhythm Activism’s final album, “Jesus Was Gay”. Then, I read a tiny sample. It seems to focus on Jesus’ early twenties (missing from the canonical Biblical narrative). There is no indication that Kenneth is possibly referencing some apocryphal source. It seems like pure conjecture.  I dug deep and discovered his blog. In an article called “Was Jesus Gay” he plays his hand:

The story is well known. Jesus Christ left home in adolescence and lived in obscurity until returning to Judea roughly at age thirty. He never married. One might wish to protest and suppose this doesn’t imply homosexuality. That would be naive. Of course it means that Jesus Christ was gay. Just as no one chooses his or her sexual orientation, no one escapes his or her sexuality.

This is simply bad logic. “He lived in obscurity, he never married… of course he’s gay!” I have no emotional bias towards this at all, and couldn’t care less about his ‘big point’. However, he failed to make an argument. It feels like he’s skipping over something, leaving out the ‘middle’ of his story.

This is how I know that he probably needs some mental help.

There is a Facebook page for his book ‘Dark Knowledge’ has lots of content. This month he’s posted several times a day. Some of it is mildly interesting content – links to various news stories etc. It’s clear he’s been spending a lot of time updating this thing. However, this facebook page has a total of 2 likes. That means nobody is seeing any of this stuff.

This is kind of like the Russian woman who uploaded 25,000 videos. It took years of her waving her arms and screaming until somebody noticed and posted it on reddit. The rest of her videos typically had between one and four views. For the record, all of them were ‘good’. Like this one.

After the initial ‘what a weirdo’ smile fades – I’m actually saddened by people like this. They are damaged. His profile indicates that he is a straight man, so I’m not even sure what his motivation is here.

Good luck, Kenneth. Enjoy your retirement. If this is a hobby – keep at it. If you’re serious, you may want to read some of the works from Richard Carrier, or any of the authors that John Loftus runs with. Those are serious biblical scholars, experts, and perhaps most importantly – skeptics.

I suppose if one were to make an argument establishing the Jesus character as homosexual – it could be done. I’ll give it a shot. Let’s say god exists and Christianity is true…If god is Jesus, and god is everywhere – he’s inside of every gay person. Deep inside them. This also seems to make Jesus a lesbian too.

Oh well.

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