Sometimes not letting ordinary people know what you’re up to works in your favor. It tends to keep certain types of people ‘in suspense’.

Then… when you finally deliver the answer to them, they tell all of their buddies.

"Here I'd thought my friend had gone off the deep end. I am very much ..."

Dawkins is Worse than ISIS But ..."
"Go "back" to FB?You're talking about alternate futures."

Dawkins is Worse than ISIS But ..."
"JT is trolling today too. Was there a behind the scenes note to play knifey-spooney?"

Dawkins is Worse than ISIS But ..."

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  • julian

    I was hoping this had something to do with Rocky Horror Picture Show….

  • josh


  • Justin Griffith

    This DID have something to do with Rocky Horror Picture Show. Check it out.

  • Paul Loebe

    Awesome! I love it. lol

  • Anarimus

    I see what you did there. This will keep creationists busy for days.

  • Fred Neidhardt

    For all you idjits that don’t get it, it’s like having a piece oof paper that has written on one side, “How to keep an idiot busy. Turn over.” and on the other side it says, “How to keep an idiot busy. Turn over.”

  • Justin Griffith
  • Justin Griffith

    See? That was enough trolling. You guys called me out quite early. Kudos. As you can see above, I totally stole the title of this post from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    Ultra-rare outtakes that confirm the rumors of Rocky Horror Picture Show’s psychological impact on lead actor Tim Curry lead to this shocking revelation.

  • Andy

    Is this what you call rick trolling?

  • @ Andy: you are SO funny!! =D!!!

  • Justin you sonofabitch.

  • Daniel, wow such a unnecessary comment…Was that the best you could come up with? If so you just made yourself out to be a complete idiot…bravo!

  • Justin Griffith

    Daniel Fincke and I are friends. He knows my policy on swearing.

    [See: section 1, comment 13.]

  • baal

    Hrm, I keep getting routed back here.

    I’m also not a good person to have around anyone named “brad” “janet” or “dr.Scott!”

  • paulloebe

    If you read this you suck.

  • *facepalm*

    Dammit … (Janet)

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