Shelley Segal will perform at Rock Beyond Belief 2

For those of you who don’t know she is a singer/songwriter from Australia. Her music is quite simply amazing! She’ll be playing in New Orleans in the American Humanist Conference the first week of June if any of you are in that area.

Show up or you hate the troops!


We are still attempting work with the base to finalize everything. I will have more information forthcoming. Within the next 2-3 weeks I should receive confirmation from the General on his ruling concerning this event. Regardless of anyone’s personal feelings on the event the regulations do require that I be treated with equal support for this event so really it’s just a waiting game.

-Paul Loebe


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  • anna

    I hope you will try to make it accessible to people with disabilities (in wheelchairs, deaf, etc) and put info about accessibility on your website.

    Looking forward to Shelley Segal!

  • Kaley Werkmeister


  • Juli

    I may actually make this one! We need a freethought festival in Houston / Dallas / Austin at some point…

    • Raggy

      The Texas Freethought Convention & Festival has been going on since 2008. Every year they have musicians, comedians, entertainers, social gatherings as well as speakers. Lots of Texas and national Orgs join in as well as vendors.