Long live FtB

I bellyflopped on a karaoke song last night on this blog. I said ‘FtB is dead’. I did it to show people that there is no secret cabal here. I can suck at singing, I can make mistakes, and I can criticize my fellow bloggers. I didn’t warn them, and they probably didn’t even read it. Which is probably good because I didn’t even mean it.

The perception that there is some FtB-wide policy, or talking points memo dictating our blogs is false. FtB is great. Seriously, there aren’t any meetings. There’s a backchannel and it’s full of jokes, arguments, questions, and debates. I don’t even read it anymore, because it’s too interesting for my ADD- I get sucked in and don’t accomplish anything. There is no status quo, and there is no shortage of disagreement. It’s a 40-way conversation – pure chaos.

Recently, some people have accidentally pigeonholed us all, despite the verifiable niche-based community you find here. I’m in the ‘foxhole atheist’ niche. Perhaps you want feminism, or racial diversity. Science? Philosophy? Sexuality? Poetry? Drunken chef? We’ve got it all. Often these niches overlap, but at least as often they don’t overlap. Within those niches, you still find disagreement.

It’s true that cliques form and it can be easy to allow agency over-detection kick in. I assure you that the cliques you see here were already established before FtB started. That’s just how it works. It’s not a conspiracy.

I make mistakes here, and I try to correct them. I try to learn from them. Last night I sang for the first time. I was terrible, my message was too cryptic, and I have no rhythm. That’s okay, because that song was just some guy having fun with his wife. And that song was just one of my mistakes. Stick around, I’ll make some more.

I choose not to ban people. I really appreciate when somebody tells me that I have a booger on my face. We all tell ourselves that ‘we love being wrong about stuff’. I seriously do love it. It’s a chance to learn. I try to debunk every thought I have, and when I’m done, I do it again. When I know I’m verifiably and demonstrably right about something I wont back down. I’ll extend the courtesy of telling the other person they have a booger on their face. If I take a lead role in the press, I better know my lines. This blog is not the press, and clearly I can even make it shitty karaoke if I want.

Other bloggers here may not look at it the same way that I do. I’m sure they have their reasons. I’m sure they make mistakes. We are not robots, and mistakes make us human. They are Free to have their thoughts and write them in their blogs.

FtB is dead. Long live FtB.

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  • Read it. Thought it was funny and pointed in a good way. Miss the Photoshop mockups on the back channel. 🙂

  • StevoR

    (Stands, toasts) Long live FTB! (Raised beer salute.)

  • danielq

    Though many may not grasp what you were trying to say, doesn’t make it any less necassary. We all need to reminded that we need to step back every now and then to make sure that we are on the right path. And if we take a cue from Jeffery Lewis and listen to some old folksy numbers, we might get a clearer idea of why we are here. This just may be one of those good old timey folk numbers. http://youtu.be/C0sk1fwt280

  • F

    If the message were really clear, it probably wouldn’t be in the form of song lyrics. Rage on.