My daughter just doesn’t understand

On the one hand, you have to establish boundaries. On the other hand, if ‘caturday’ BS exists, I’m allowed to post this stuff about Zoe every once in a while.

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  • machintelligence

    She seems to be in great danger of having a little bird perch on her lip.(My parents always warned me about that, but sadly it never happened).

  • Robin

    If Saturday can become Caterday, How about we make Sunday, Zoeday?

  • gridlore

    My nieces are a bit beyond this stage (20 years in one case), but I remember that stance and expression well.

    I guess “cheerful and willing obedience to orders” is a bit down the road for Zoe.

  • geocatherder

    She’s more facially expressive than I am, but I feel the same when Husband sticks his head into my office to say “It’s past time for sane people to go to bed”, and my response is “But somebody is WRONG on the internet!”

  • CT

    omg that face– so freaking cyooot

  • NanceConfer

    You have to establish boundaries? Really? That cute and you need boundaries?

  • wilsim

    What I tell my kids (5, 2) is if they don’t calm down, go to bed and try to fall asleep, then they can’t wake up tomorrow and have a whole new day to play and learn new things within.

  • lorn

    Life is sooooo cruel. Bedtime rolls around every day, you have to take a bath, and every meal can’t be ice cream. Life isn’t fair. But the alternative isn’t all that great either.

  • F

    Now I don’t know what is more awesome: Zoe’s expression, or the girl with dead squirrel. Both are fantastic.


    I heard, from an Old Man at a Rest Area, that it was bricks falling from the sky what would possibly land on my young brother’s lip. I would personally go for the bird option, if there was a choice.

  • ednaz

    Robin says:

    If Saturday can become Caterday, How about we make Sunday, Zoeday?