I just missed the last chance to dance. How about you?

The Secular Student Alliance is the best ‘chaptering’ organization in our movement… by an extremely wide margin. The number of active chapters eclipses any other organization. Their numbers still continue to grow, and they even have groups at military academies, such as West Point.

When I started the Military Atheists & Secular Humanists (MASH) movement in January of 2011, I was directly reading from their playbook. I think it’s important to have at least one formal group for non-believers that enjoy the same level of support as all the other religious preferences / demographics.

I also think the transient nature of college directly applies to the way military members are shipped around. So naturally, I used the SSA guide to group running to lead the group at Fort Bragg. If you slapped a camouflage pattern on that thing, you’d have a near-perfect MASH guide.

Please support the backbone that the troops have been utilizing for quite some time.

Please make a donation to the Secular Student Alliance.

I had to turn down Jen McCreight’s invitation to join her in a blog-a-thon. It was simply because I write and re-write even a single sentence sometimes for hours. It’s very frustrating, and it’s also twice as hard to write when it’s a subject that I’m not directly involved with. Though sometimes it just pours out of me quite rapidly (and I sometimes have to proof read after I published!) I really felt like I let her down, though she never said anything like that.

Please donate what you can, even though we missed the somewhat arbitrary deadline. Become a SUSTAINER! They are perhaps 1000 times smaller than “Campus Crusaders for Christ”, but they are almost as potent. And they’re just getting started.

I’m a rookie in the activist world. I’m proud of what of I’ve accomplished, but at one point I took on way too many responsibilities to launch a new global atheist niche-organization. When I became the Military Director for American Atheists, I simply had to cut some of my efforts loose. I’m grateful that Jason Torpy (MAAF) is now running the show for the expanding MASH concept, and collectively – we’ve been popping up all over the place. Call Torpy for building new MASH communities, but please continue to call on me for breaking through specific barriers (even if it’s about your new MASH group). We’re strong allies, and though we don’t always agree in our private conversations – we call each other rather than step on toes.

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  • Dana Hunter

    SSA Week is over, yeah, BUT a $250,000 matching donation is still on the table, so your $ is $$ until the end of the year (or $250k’s reached). FYI.