Our Girl Zoe VS Our Boy Roy

All military personnel miss major milestones in their families lives – especially gay and lesbian couples. I’ve missed a few, and my infant daughter screamed at me as if I was a monster when I held her at the airport terminal last November. Six months had passed. For all she knew, I was the goofy guy from the computer screen (at best!)

Zoe walks among us

I’m so happy that I got to see her take her first steps. She pulled herself up and walked for the first time last night. It’s really cute, you should watch this short video. Way better than caturday.


She walked over to my vinyl records collection. She picked ‘Our Boy Roy’Various Artists – 2010 from Canadian label, Telephone Explosion Records. That record is amazing, with art-damaged lo-fi covers of classic Roy Orbison songs from obscure garage rockers.

It cost me fifteen bucks, worth it for the art alone.

Obviously, ‘lo-fi’ is not for everyone. This wild child sound was a perfect ‘luck of the draw’ album to see my daughter grab for. The first track, “Problem Child” was as fitting as any of the rest. I know I was a trouble maker as a kid, and I fully expect to have my hands full if she’s anything like me. She’s not a problem child by any stretch. She’s quite nurturing – always trying to share her food and toys. She has a bit of an issue with the concept of a baby gate, and I’ve secretly cheered her on as she destroyed ours. I’m so proud of Zoe!

I was going to use ‘Pretty Woman’, “What’s this I see/ She’s walking back to me” But I thought it was a bit creepy in the context of hitting on the girl. TE only pressed 1000 copies, so it’s out of print, otherwise I’d link to it. They have a digital download of it, but it’s mysteriously not in the Telephone Explosion store. I guess you could email them and ask about it if you’re a music nerd like me.

Is this a stupid idea?

That reminds me, I always feel like I have two distinct culture circles – atheists and music snobs. I always wanted to know if there were other music nerds out there reading my blog. Is there any overlap? I was thinking of doing a series of blog posts called ‘music mondays’. I’d generally try to keep the posts relevant to freethought.

I’d post things like:

“Top 5 worst songs written by atheists” (I’ll try to include more than just 5 Jimmy Buffett songs – all apologies to the elderly and middle aged hippies from Florida. Do your thing, you like what you like.)

“10 Christian rock songs that aren’t garbage” (I promise you I can deliver this. Ironically, 99.9% of Christian rock fans haven’t ever heard the bands on my playlist.)

Anybody interested in that?

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  • tac

    More music! I’m always looking for music recommendations that are not Top 40.

    Not that I’d know the religious orientation of the artists I mostly listen too (other than the “all rock and roll is satanic” that I grew up with).

    I don’t think I’ve every heard a “real” rock and roll song that was good (outside of the single from Jars of Clay, some wouldn’t call it “rock” anyway, but there you go)


  • neXus

    Congrats on her first steps!

  • Justin Griffith

    @1 tac

    Although admittedly better than most Christian Rock, that’s not saying much. Jars of Clay is kind of calculated like radio rock for my tastes. There are crazy bastards out there with acoustic guitars that break all conceptions of Christian rock. Brian Jonestown Massacre may be a good place to start for you. Their songs are about 3 subjects: Jesus, Heroin, Girls.

    try these two:

    BJM -Gospell According to Anton Newcombe


    BJM -Ballad of Jim Jones

  • articulett

    She’s bipedal!

    Congratz. She appears to enjoy the new view on 2 legs.

  • Paul Hunter

    Wonderful,this is a memory to Treasure

  • CT


  • Part of what makes bloggers more interesting is their “off topic” posts. As long as they don’t become the new focus then the worst people will do is just skip that post.

    All that being said, if you post stuff about Christian rock, I will skip those posts. Certain bands and songs can give me unpleasant flash backs to the painful levels of cognitive dissonance I had as a theology major and seminary student…

  • Nentuaby

    Heck yeah, I’d read posts like that.

  • fastlane

    I actually like some xian rock from the 80s. But then, I like a lot of the ‘hair metal’ from the glory days of the 80s, that a lot of music snobs consider schlock (and a lot of it is).

    The name of the band is Petra. I only heard a couple of their albums, and of the songs, I’d say they were 50-50 good/complete schlock.

  • left0ver1under

    “10 Christian rock songs that aren’t garbage”

    Put on Blood, Sweat and Tears Greatest Hits. That will give you ten right there.


    BS&T was arguably the only group with religious lyrics that was worth listening to. And it was because of the musicianship and David Clayton Thomas’s voice, not the religious bunk.