When Trolling Meant Something Else…

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  • http://sinmantyx.wordpress.com/ M. A. Melby


    Well, the word “troll” is also used for promiscuous gay men who troll around the video-coin booths at porn shop trolling for other men.

    You can imagine my adjustment.

    Changing the word “cyber” on me was really annoying too.

    I think the word “troll” is used to dismiss people too often. I generally reserve it for people who are saying extremely rude/absurd/abusive things just to get attention.

    In my happy-place they are all just frustrated performance artists.

  • left0ver1under

    Although the internet term “troll” is considered to be about trolls under bridges, the fishing definition is just as apt.

    From the WordWeb dictionary:


    (n.) a fisherman’s lure that is used in trolling

    (v.) to angle (fish) with a hook and line drawn through the water

  • Didaktylos

    I’d thought that “troll” in the internet sense actually did derive from the angling sense – the person doing it was trailing a baited hook to see who would react to them.

  • Markita Lynda

    Pardon me for interrupting, but what’s going on? Battalion Commander dead in Fort Bragg Shooting

    I hope you are OK.

  • http://www.allinoneporn.com Eve Mayfair

    So what. I like what she does now………. Everyone is free to do whatever he wants. ……..by the way this is old news.

  • http://lippard.blogspot.com/ Jim Lippard

    Didaktylos: Yes, that’s correct, that was how the term was used on Usenet on the alt.usenet.kooks newsgroup, where the Bob Allisat and Pierre Salinger “Hook, Line & Sinker” awards were given out: http://www.coloneljake.com/AUK/AAD/

    Now it has come to mean anyone who is intentionally seeking conflict, though often still with the connotation that it’s an insincerely expressed position.