You’re all a bunch of Pansies

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  • Butch Pansy

    I am honored; you are too kind.

  • catburns

    Hehehe, Yep!

  • Anne C. Hanna

    <like> 😀

  • Mattir

    I like it.

  • hotshoe

    That’s an astonishingly lovely picture. Brilliant.

    I never heard that pansy stood for freethought. The wikipedia article linked says its name is from the French pensée (thought), so that makes sense.

    Now I know!

  • mandrellian

    I am a pansy and proud of it.

  • embertine

    Little grumpy faces! Quite apt, really. 😉

  • Magicthighs

    Well, guess I’m proud to be a pansy then! 😉

  • Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    See I actually knew that the pansy was a symbol of thinking, but not necessarily freethought. Interesting.

  • Paul Hunter

    And even more attractive if you’re a Bee

  • RR

    Indeed, the pansy’s name in spanish is “pensamiento” (Thought)

  • Tyrant

    So we’re free pansies

  • smhll


    Yes. And in Hamlet, in Ophelia’s speech about flowers, Shakespeare is playing off of the French word when she says “Pansies, that’s for thought.”

  • Stacy

    I am so glad to know this! Thanks.

  • flowers4

    Cool find. Strangely it appears to be more because of its distinctive facial markings as it nods forward in Autumn than any deeper meaning. But, I’ll take it!