Happy apostasy anniversary, DW!

Friend of RBB, Dustin Williams (AKA DWNomad) celebrated his 5th year of freedom from the shackles of evangelism. So he got a tattoo.

Dustin describes his deconversion as the best day of his life

This will make more sense if you read yesterday’s blog post first.

Five years ago today, when my roommate on the trip to Mexico woke up, we chatted about what I had been going through and the decision I had made. Even though he didn’t agree with my conclusion, he agreed that I had looked at it from all angles and that the decision to quit and walk away from it all was the right thing to do.

I was very nervious while I sat in our morning meeting. I was surrounded by people I had studied with for a year as they told stories of all the wonderful things that were happening at their evangelistic sites. I just sat their quietly. When we got done I told our faculty sponsor and the representative of the organization sponsoring the trip that I needed to speak with them in private.

I told them that I couldn’t continue preaching because I wasn’t a Christian anymore. Just like when I had talked to my roommate, we went over all of my reasons to no longer believe in the Christian message and they agreed that I had done an adequate search and thanked me for the integrity I demonstrated by quitting.

When I left that hotel room, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt free. I finally felt at peace.

Five years ago today, I walked away from everything. I lost plenty, but I gained everything.

Five years ago today, I started living life.

Please feel free to drop Dustin a message on facebook. Dustin runs the pretty awesome DWNomad blog – criminally overlooked. Subscribe / bookmark it. You know you like clicking on shit!

Send me pictures of your atheist tattoos!

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  • steve B

    I first voiced my agnostic atheism back in January 09. I don’t mark the exact date down because I’m not sure I can actually call that an exact date. It was a process for me of analyzing what I observed in the world, analyzing what I’d learned about God (as in the Christian God) and finding they didn’t wash. Han Solo said he’d been from one side of the galaxy to the other but he’d never seen anything to convince him there’s an all-powerful force in charge of anything. I’m not that well-traveled; after my deployment I could only say I’ve been from one side of the planet to the other, but I can say much the same thing. Until something demonstrates it to me, methodically and verifiably, I remain skeptical.