Craigslist ad: “Praying for a Free new/used car”

Crazy soldiers! lolwut:


I suggest this person make use of the off-post blood / blood platelette donation centers – you can earn more than a car payment every month.

*Copypasta below the fold:*

Praying for a Free new/used Car (Fayetteville, NC)

I need a Free car. I’m trusting in God for a huge blessing. I understand that this is a large request, but my wife and I are butting heads constantly about what God is leading us to do because of our limited transportation. I have been removing the seats from our van to reduce its weight to save every ounce of gas that we can and we just can’t afford to take it everywhere. My wife wants to start a cleaning ministry and to help with Cadence International, and I want to join the praise team and help with the youth at our church.

I’m not looking for anything spectacular, just a good engine and trans that will get me safely to and from work and church without the gas milage breaking the bank. I don’t even need A.C., as I usually turn it off to save gas milage anyway. I can’t afford to pay anything for a vehicle, as we are still looking for ways to pay the bills we have. If there is anything I can do to bless the giver, please let me know. 
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  • “A cleaning ministry”? Is that a fancy-pants way of saying that she wants to be a (Jesus soaked) maid? Or did I miss something?

  • If he has so much trust in god, why post an ad?


      Don’t be mean to people… The guy is trusting that God will touch someone’s heart to get a car. God can touch anybody’s heart, but yours!

      • Justin Griffith

        Why doesn’t god just zap him a new car directly?

  • Kevin Schelley

    Well he obviously either thinks that god can’t deliver so he’s asking on craigslist, or he thinks god checks craigslist.

    Who wants to bet that if he gets a car that he’ll thank his imaginary friend and not the person who actually gave him a car?

  • Paul Hunter

    Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Bentz

    My friends all drive Porches, I must make amends

    Worked hard all my life time, no help from my friends

    So Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Bentz

    Janice Jophlin

  • Saimerej

    The worst part is that if someone is charitable enough to give them a car, “Their prayers have been answered by the GRACE OF GOD”

    It will have nothing to do with the good will of the donator.

  • vel

    It’s rather amusing that rather than ask his church for help, he whines on Craig’s List. Does this mean he knows that his fellow church members would do nothing for him? Seems just like my local mission which puts up billboards and sents out mailings to the entire community for money, when there are 10 full pages in the yellow pages of churches.

  • Rich Wilson

    It’s a sad reflection of our American society that so few people consider riding a bike. Or heck, for Church, surely some of his fellow parishioners can give him a ride?

  • mcbender

    Or if his van’s such a problem, he could try… I don’t know, selling it and using the funds to buy a car?

  • Sercee

    Tee hee… I love the direct observation that if he wants something done for him he should go out and do something that actually helps someone else instead of being so selfish… AND he’d probably get his car!

  • Mike de Fleuriot

    Yes, No, Maybe?

  • Parse

    Audley, I take ‘Cleaning Ministry’ to mean a cleaning business, but couched in the language of a church, so it must be a church, and get all the tax-free benefits associated with being a church.

  • Ask and you will receive

  • christine

    looking for a answered prayed I need a car for me and my kids iam in between homes I cant work do to a stomach dieases please help