Look! I’m in the July / August 2012 issue of Playboy Magazine

Sort of… Well, my activism is in the new issue of Playboy, anyway.

Neat! It may appear on slightly different pages, regionally. Perhaps not at all internationally.

Cliche ‘I read the articles’ jokes aside, I’ve really seen some interesting articles in the pages of that mag. Shit, I even discovered Peter Max’s artwork through Playboy. There seriously is some high-brow stuff in there, for those who never looked.

Personally, I don’t find the so-called ‘bombshell look’ all that appealing. It’s too unrealistic to me. I just see a picture of a woman who needs more time in front of a mirror than is reasonable, and how that enormous amount of time was wasted trying to achieve a look that others want for her. I’m sure there are plenty of exceptions, but all I’m saying is that for me – the only thing about Playboy that I find redeemable is the word-content. Then again, I’ve not read it in several years.

My wife’s going to pick up a copy tomorrow for posterity. This and the NY Times front page story from last year are the only two things I’ve purchased like a total dork bragging about shit. I gloated around at work today saying “I’m in this month’s Playboy!” to my friends. They laughed like a bastard.

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  • Isaac

    What are the chances of getting some Playboy support for the Camp Pendleton Rock Beyond Belief event? Ought to boost attendance!

    • Ha! My mind kind of glossed over your comment and filled in “Quest” after the word “Camp” given all the fundraising efforts lately in these parts. It took a few moments of “huh, a porn mag promo of a kids’ camp? Well, you wouldn’t see *that* suggested by anyone on a religious blog” before I figured out that’s not what you were saying. Thanks for the inadvertent chuckle. Carry on.

  • Brenda Germain

    You’ll love the next issue, Richard Dawkins!

  • hugh hefner hates women. I won’t be buying that magazine, ever.

    • kevinalexander

      hugh hefner hates women.

      Huh? How do you figure that?

  • Enkidum

    @Brenda – yeah, but he’s the centerfold, so it’s maybe not that great.

  • wtfbits

    So you’re happy to associate with a misogynistic magazine that dehumanizes and objectifies women? I wonder what the FTB/Skepchick feminists think of that.

    • Justin Griffith

      I believe I addressed those concerns quite directly… I never said ‘happy’, I said ‘neat’. Playboy is an institution. The only thing that made me happy was chuckling about saying “I’m in playboy!!!” to a few guys at work.

    • tigzy

      [JG Edit: Please dude, no escalation here. I delete this shit from both sides.]

    • kevinalexander

      a misogynistic magazine that dehumanizes and objectifies women

      Evidence please. I am personally insulted by the suggestion that I am sexually attracted to objects, by the accusation that I am enamoured of non humans.

      This is a skeptics forum. You need to provide some evidence for your assertions. It’s not enough to spout some puritan nonsense that you learned in women’s studies.

  • Chip Matthews

    I started to throw up a little when I read that headline.. LOL.

  • Larry

    You can’t please everybody, Justin. I’m glad you got in there because it gives you and by extension, other non-believers, some more exposure (pun intended). Perhaps the guys who buy Playboy will grow up a little when they look more closely at the naked truth of atheism,