Christian puppeteer / cannibal’s revolting facebook page

I suspect this will be taken down soon. For the moment, Ronald Brown’s creepy public facebook profile is quite accessible. Ronald Brown is a puppeteer from Florida. He featured on the Christian Television Network’s Joy Junction – inexplicably still on the air.

This was Brown’s last post before being

arrested for conspiracy to eat children.

Ronald Brown creepy ventriloquism


Here is a picture he snapped at work in the 1980’s.

Blommin’ times?

This smiling boy is the saddest thing I found there.

The effect is probably more drastic when viewing unedited, but that picture should not be publicly available. Please help take it down by reporting it to facebook.

Click here -> Along the bottom click on ‘Options’ -> ‘Report This Photo’

After you report it, it will ask you if you want to fill out a survey. Say ‘yes’. One of the questions is “was the reason you reported this picture on the list of options we provided?” Say ‘no’ and put a real explanation in there. This is what I put:

This is from the account of a person who just got arrested for plotting to kidnap and eat children. PLEASE REMOVE THIS PICTURE IMMEDIATELY, AND HAND OVER ALL DATA TO FLORIDA POLICE! Especially private messages with children.

Ronald Brown had access to children in many settings.

More than just at church or on his Christian TV show, Brown had access to children at sporting events such as Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball games.

Mr. Ron also visited schools.

I feel sick. Take a look around for yourself if you’re feeling brave.

Christian Television Network was alerted

They are now aware that they forgot to pull the cannibal’s show from their Saturday morning children’s programming.

“thank you.”

They’ve yet to comment any further on any of this whatsoever.

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  • Karen Hannifin

    Justin, I just went to the site, it is still up. I did as you suggested and reported the photo of the boy, and left the same type of comment about removing the page and cooperating with the police. I didn’t look too much, just the thought of the sickness in this guy’s mind makes me want to puke, and I couldn’t stand seeing him pretend to be a regular guy, all the while knowing what he has been accused of.

    • Richard

      I tried to do the same; as at 18.08 Rome, Italy time it’s still up. But I didn’t get the survey, and so couldn’t explain why I was objecting to it.


  • gworroll