Fort Meade wants your input about evangelical marriage seminar

The Fort Meade official facebook page has kindly invited all of you to weigh in on this matter. They are asking concerned citizens to fill out an I.C.E. comment card. Please do so!

Check below the fold for what I wrote in the comment section, using a modified chunk of the original post. Feel free to write your own respectful comment, use mine, or even leave it blank.

Fort Meade ACS recently funded a marriage seminar hosted by extremist evangelicals. Confusingly, their website prominently urged people to vote for twice-divorced FORMER candidate, Newt Gingrich.

Their website talks about ‘sex and the bible’ and offers lots of religious ways to conduct a marriage. The advertisement on the official Facebook page points people to the radio station 88.7 FM, a Christian radio station. This approach violates Joint Ethics regulations. The Facebook Page administrator for Fort Meade simply recommended that all the complaints simply fill out ICE comment cards. I view this action as a dismissive hand-waiving gesture. “Get out of here kid, you’re bothering me.”

Mike and Trisha Fox run the website Marriage For Today, and travel the region doing their seminars. They also write books and really awful columns on the topic. They also appear on television standing up for the worst Christianity has to offer. This really is a perfect storm of stupid. I can’t believe this happened at Fort Meade.

How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.

1) It’s illegal!

Fort Meade’s ACS / FAP can’t provide a such a forum for evangelicals only. Where is the support for all the other religious demographics? Why didn’t they adhere to Joint Ethics Regulation 3-211?

2) Idiotic slogan / design

“Learning How to Love – it takes learning as well as loving.“

OH!!!! Now I get it! Also, font-fail.

3) Mike and Trisha Fox endorse beating children, based on biblical principals.

“Not only is physical discipline ‘in’ the bible, but it ‘mandates’ it for all parents if we desire to follow God and His word; and if we in fact love our children – we will use it!” they wrote in the email. “Unfortunately, there is a growing, secular-Christian trend of religious-based, yet not Biblically based, mothers and people who are shallow in terms of Biblical understanding, and in depth with emotional irrational perspective.”

4) Newt Gingrich!?

Despite no longer even being in the presidential race, their website endorses Newt Gingrich for President in 2012. Yep. 3rd times a charm, twice-divorced, Newt Gingrich. The guy who rallied fellow neo-cons against Bill Clinton’s marital infidelity… and was cheating at the time.

5) Mike and Trisha Fox are anti-LGBT bigots

They are convinced that a left-wing media conspiracy is propelling the gay agenda.

“The unthinkable has happened for all Christian couples that have not been desensitized by the liberal media: the war on traditional marriage is climaxing to an almost unstoppable, destructive momentum – at least with mainstream media.”

6) Inexplicably, these advertising wizards coined the phrase “Occupy Marriage Street”

These guys are all over the place.

7) The US Government spent taxpayer dollars on this!?

The US Government spends hundreds of millions of dollars on evangelical non-government organizations and contractors who literally get paid to proselytize. This is yet another example of your tax dollars at work.

8) Only evangelical military members got 4 hours off of work?

Does that leave non-evangelicals to pick up their slack? Did the non-evangelicals get 4 hours paid off-time to go work on their marriages?

Fort George G Meade marriage seminar by Pentecostal Christians who endorse Newt

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  • Bill McNaught

    The US Military should not sponsor religious activities. This is a violation of the separation of church and state. It gives the appearance that the Military sponsors Christianity as its approved spiritual institution…


  • Frances Porgal

    Ft Meade and any other military installation SHOULD NOT have any scheduled religious seminars, etc unless they are organized in the chapel by the Chaplain FOR his parisioners during personal time for the parties involved. NO PERSONS giving such seminars should be PAID unless the funds are coming from the collection plate of the actual parisioners or the persons involved in attending such seminars.

    The same is true for concerts – religious or otherwise. All funds for payment should come from tickets purchased by those attending the event and NOT from any funds paid by taxpayers.

    Religion is a VERY PERSONAL thing and SHOULD NOT BE A SPONSERED EVENT by the military installation. NO REQUIRED ATTENDANCE by military personnel should be required UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If a person wants to see his/her religious representative they should be the one to initiate the meeting, setting the time and, if required, making the payment.

    The ONLY exemption from the above stated is IF AND WHEN meetings with ANY religious counselor is for MEDICAL/MENTAL purposes! – just as would be medical appointments.

    The separation of Church and State has been established for a purpose and what is happening across the military community with Spiritual Fitness Tests, mandatory attendance at religious services/concerts, etc is illegal and should be punished to the strictest letter of the law. Anyone who requires such attendance and punishes the person or persons who choose NOT to attend are breaking the law. Mandatory service to ANY religious group (ie where personnel were REQUIRED to work at Catholic facilities on their off time) is also illegal and should be punished.

    Many personal freedoms are surrendered when one chooses to join into the military community but RELIGION SHOULD NOT BE ONE OF THEM AND THAT INCLUDES THE CHOICE TO NOT HAVE ANY RELIGION AND NOT BE FORCED TO PARTICIPATE IN SOMETHING IN WHICH THEY DO NOT BELIEVE. The UCMJ has many rules and regulations but religious rights (either for or against) is NOT one of them.

    Attend to the job of serving and protecting our country and it’s people and leave religion out of it.