Jesus above Obama in chain of command photos, is this real?

Word on the street is that this happened at Fort Bragg. If you know anything about where this photo was taken, please let me know.

This is completely inappropriate. It’s also illegal to affix religious symbols in, on, or outside of a chapel. This rule has been consistently applied to many contexts including other buildings, walls, doors, and even large outdoor areas on military bases. This is also a violation of EEO, and likely even considered political speech – during a heated election. This is literally a phone-call away from being fixed.


On the second row you see a row of commanding officers, listed in descending order from left to right. On the bottom right corner of each picture you’ll see a unit insignia. The third picture’s symbol appears to be the blue dragon associated with XVIII Airborne Corps (It’s complex, but basically, the ‘highest’ at Fort Bragg). The fourth picture contains the “AA” associated with 82nd Airborne (Fort Bragg). Logically, the next two would likely represent a Brigade Commander, and then lastly a Battalion Commander.

That means a Battalion at Fort Bragg appears to be where this photograph was taken. There are many battalions. I need to know which one this is, and for somebody in that unit to tell me which building this is in. This could be in a chaplain’s office, or it could be in the BC’s office. It could be in any number of buildings associated with this unit. In order to correct this, I simply need more information.


Maybe. That’s why I’m trying to verify. If it is real, the frame for Jesus does not protrude as far as the others. A consistent shadow is still visible.

If you have more information, please contact me directly.


It was actually Sniper Jesus that was apparently inserted into the chain of command at a Fort Bragg unit.

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  • I think it’s shopped.


    There’s no shadow extending beneath the JC pic, while there are DEEP shadows under the others.

    • Justin Griffith

      There is a shadow…


      Maybe. That’s why I’m trying to verify. If it is real, the frame for Jesus does not protrude as far as the others. A consistent shadow is still visible.

  • steve84

    Maybe it was just put there temporarily to take a “funny” picture and then removed again

    • Justin Griffith

      In that case, we can verify once we identify the unit. Somebody knows exactly what unit this is.

  • badweasel

    I don’t think its faked. It could just be a more shallow fram than the others.

    Its also odd that there is a gap in the top right where you’d have expected some effort to have cenetered the pictures (something that the Jesus picture spoils).

    Could this be a joke? Isn’t that Sniper Jesus hanging on that wall.

    • steve84

      In the original state – without the Jesus picture – the display is symmetrical.

      • badweasel

        Something I alluded to in my clumsy rambling way. Hat-tip to you for putting it much more clearly.

    • Justin Griffith

      It does look a little like sniper jesus from the old JesusChristSuperStore website…

      • badweasel

        It is the same as this.

        You can see the scope and the shape of the clouds in the background as well as the figures…

        Considering this and the way it looks like the picture was just tacked onto the wall and makes the display asymmetrical I suspect this is just a joke.

        I obviously can’t say if the pic is still up on that wall but I doubt it. Either way its hard to see this as another example official endorsement of religion in the US military.

        >just my two pence.

        • Justin Griffith

          Yeah, I just did a post using that same exact file as reference. You rock man. Good eye.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Why didn’t Jesus get a stars’n’stripes backdrop like everybody else?

  • Justin Hendershot

    This is totally photoshopped. The resolution of the picture and frame are lower than the rest of the image. Also there is a spot where the frame doesn’t line up properly on the right side.

  • coragyps

    ‘Course, we don’t know for sure that even a representation of Sniper Jesus casts a shadow, or is visible in a mirror, either.

  • Len Blakely

    Reddit it.

  • Old_Warhorse

    All I know is, this would never have flown at any unit to which I was assigned at the time, because I’d have contested that shit all the way to the AG’s office at the DoD and HIGHER, if necessary.

  • sparhawk23

    Hrm. The Marine Chain of Command board in my building has Charlton Heston’s Moses on top.