Trolled by Sniper Jesus

It was actually Sniper Jesus that was apparently inserted into the chain of command at a Fort Bragg unit.

Sniper Jesus

I still think this was a real photo (the shadow is consistent, albeit from a smaller frame). However, I doubt that this picture would fly very long. It was probably either somebody goofing around, or otherwise trolling. That’s why I crowdsourced the verification. Good eye, commenters / Facebook friends!

If you know what unit this came from please contact me. I just want to verify that this was a joke. You never know with Poe.

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  • meganhurwitt

    Well tagged. Poe’s Law indeed.

  • Pteryxx

    I wonder if it was an attempt to troll you, or an attempt to troll your source… i.e. to harass or out atheists within that unit.

    • Justin Griffith

      Or an atheist joking around with a Christian…