Saudi Arabia protests ‘.gay’ TLD, protester registers

According to the BBC, .gay is not the only new Top Level Domain (TLD) that Saudi Arabia opposes:

The country has also objected to:

.sex on the grounds it would increase the proliferation of pornographic material on the web.

.virgin, .sucks, .dating and .baby because they might also be used by pornographic sites.

.tattoo because the practice is contrary to religions “such as Islam and Judaism”.

.wine and .vodka since they could glamourise the consumption of alcohol.

.africamagic because it “implies that it is linked to black magic and this is considered offensive”.

Though the .gay TLD is not yet officially approved, four companies are actively vying for the contract with ICANN that would emerge. Despite the uncertain future, some domain name registrars are already pre-registering .gay domains.

Saudi Arabia has clearly never heard of the Streisand Effect.

In the wake of the BBC article, my friend pre-registered ‘’. I’m not sure how anonymous he needs / wants to be. I’ll bring more details tonight.

It seems like an unhealthy business practice to pre-register for TLDs that are still pending approval. Then again, I don’t know the mechanics. Perhaps the competing pre-registrars have a system to avoid duplicitous registrations.


How you can help

You can still participate in the discussion at ICANN! Leave a comment supporting the .gay TLD and rejecting oppressive totalitarian influence on world-wide free speech.

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  • I say preregistering keeps the Saudis from buying/suppressing it themselves. They could, of course, sue for rights to the domain, but that would just spread the word more.

  • leftwingfox

    No idea why Saudi Arabia is protesting this… wouldn’t it be easier to block entire TLDs?

    Or do they not have the same Great Firewall as China?

  • Perhaps the Saudi government is too scared of pissing off the legion of Saudi royalty by blocking their access to the Internet. There’s something like 7 thousand Saudi princes.

  • F

    africamagic=”black magic”. Can one possibly be more stupid and facile than this?

    And here I thought all the hullabaloo surrounding the new TLDs was stupid before. But someone always has a new angle.

    Most of it doesn’t matter because it’s not like there will be more gay sites because there is a gay TLD, or that this is where all things gay on the internet will be found. Idiots.

  • Jet

    Who the heck thought up the TLD ‘africamagic’ in the first place? Seems a little non-specific for a tail..

    • Justin Griffith

      ‘non-specific’ it’s not. But I agree with the sentiment behind your question.

  • How could you possible increase the amount of porn on the Internet any faster than it’s already increasing without direct government subsidies???