A Wild Mabus Appears

What the hell is going on in this comment from Dave ‘Johnson’?

His ‘triumphant’ link against me is simply a collection of youtube hyperlinks, dozens of entry’s long.


link 1

link 2

link 3

link 4

link 5

*SNIP – 50 videos later*
we don’t care about the atheist, either! 

WTF, over?

He is linking to a post on a conspiracy nut website. Dave Mabus can be seen there pretending not to be Dave Mabus / Dennis Markuze. Rather, he’s ‘just a fan’! Sounds legit.

Incoherent Noise

I’m reminded of avante-garde noise artist, Masami Akita / A.K.A. Merzbow’s 50-disc boxset – the Merzbox. It’s all hisses, feedback, clicks, screeches, tape manipulation, and other abrasive sounds. The Merzbox is downright absurd.

The rumor was that if you listened to the whole thing back to back, you’d go insane. Famously, a college radio station (WREK – Georgia Tech) aired all 50 hours of the Merzbox in its entirety. Mabus’ playlist is similarly time-prohibitive and built on incoherent noise.

I once met a guy who had been collecting mp3’s of the Merzbox for months, but had yet to snag the last few discs. He was proud of how close he was. His friend approached during this conversation, and mentioned that he had seen Merzbow perform live.

“How awesome was it?”



“Yeah. He just walked out with a guitar, then set it down next to a speaker. Then he walked a few feet away and stood there staring at us – taking sips from his beer.”

“That’s shitty. I mean, like, you have to at least pretend to be into it, right?”

“Yeah. Exactly.”

 Come on Mabus. You have to put words in your posts. You have to at least pretend to be into it.

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  • machintelligence

    I have noticed a smattering of Mabus/Marcuze type comments sprinkled across FTB and Patheos. If it really is him, and not just some copycat, he is violating the terms of his probation. Of course, impulse control was never his long suit.

  • aspidoscelis

    Heh. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks Merzbow’s work is a bunch of incoherent noise. He seems to pop up periodically in discussions of, or collaborations with, musicians I quite like (Sunn O))), Boris, etc.) and he’s apparently thought highly of… but even in collaboration with people I know are good musicians, I find Merzbow unlistenable.

    • Justin Griffith

      I actually like the idea of him trolling for decades, but yeah… not the high art that everyone praises him for. I like Venetian Snares, and many other IDM, and even glitch acts. Can’t do any brutal drone, no-wave, or raw noise. I don’t even like ambient stuff (I forget I’m listening!) I tried a few times, but I felt like I was being tricked. I need at least some form and structure.

      • Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc

        I saw Merzbow play live a couple of years back and he seemed quite into it – attacking one of his home-made noise boxes for much of his set. Didn’t stop him from being unlistenable, though!

        Sunn O))) have practically admitted that they are trolling, or at least were initially. Their later output has been more musical, vaguely. I strongly recommend seeing them live as it’s unlike any other live act going. Take earplugs and don’t go if you’re feeling in any way unwell!

        • Justin Griffith

          Lightning Bolt is nuts live too. The best show I ever saw from bands along these lines was Black Pus (LB side project) opening for The Boredoms. The Boredoms fucking killed it. At least 4 drummers, and Eye had a SEVEN NECK GUITAR. It was so big he couldn’t hold it, and it had to be leaned against the wall. He played it by beating the various necks with sticks. Some poor bastard had to keep tuning it – the whole show.

          Godspeed You Black Emperor put on a decent show too (and their various sideprojects are interesting).

      • Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc

        The whole thing with Sunn O)) is the sheer volume and quantity of sub-bass that they use plus smoke to restrict visibility. Loudest thing that I’ve ever seen; people were running out of the venue to throw up due to the vibration. Hilarious and disconcerting in equal measure.

        I’d like to catch Lightning Bolt but have always managed to miss them. Ditto Godspeed.

  • Francisco Bacopa

    Mabus has also been appearing in Zeno’s “Halfway There” blog. Zeno doesn’t post here, but he’s been over at PZ’s a lot lately, and Mabus followed him home.

  • Hatchetfish

    There’s a fairly long discussion (partly, longer because of an idiot troll) over at The Atheist Experience:


    Summarizing: Whoever this is is spreading the shit pretty far and wide, not just on FTB. They also have access to at least two historical Mabus forum accounts, on two different forums, so it looks likely it’s Markuze himself.

    • Dammit, scooped by Hatchetfish. I guess we both got stuck in moderation…

  • embertine

    OK, I know it’s not nice to mock the afflicted, but I followed the apology account on Twitter, and #GAZEATTHEMAIZE did make me laugh.

    I am a terrible person.

  • B-Lar

    I saw that conspiracy nut page… Interestingly, Dennis used the same profile to post recently as he did late last year when the shit got real for him.

    Its not like proof that he is violating his terms is really a problem, but it seems pretty clear cut.