The Army? It’s just like call of duty bro, you’ll be a hero.

A friend of mine just posted this on my Facebook wall. I hadn’t seen it yet, and thought it was pretty funny. Do you know any ‘recruiter jokes’ or memes?

In related news, the school for Army Recruiting no joke. I have very little free time, and I’m under the impression that I’ll have even less when I actually start recruiting. I’ll try to post more soon.


Though I find The Onion to be generally unfunny, every once in a while it’s spot on. Somebody linked me to this, and I laughed like a bastard.

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  • anatman

    not a joke, but when i was in ‘a’ school, one of the chief petty officers told me that they tried to make him a recruiter, but he avoided it by threatening to tell the truth.

    • Justin Griffith

      Haha… They asked our class like this:

      “Who does not want to be here? Seriously, now. Be honest. Who does NOT want to be a recruiter?”

      Finally a few hands went up.

      “Too bad. Get over it. You’re stuck.”

      Maybe you had to be there, but it was kind of funny. The guy did a good job of sounding like he was going to offer a way out.

    • shakeb

      I don’t feel my recruiter lied to me, but he was definitely vague and did not volunteer information I didn’t ask for. The main things I remember from him were, (about boot) “You will hate life, but you’ll get through it”. and “nuke incentives are very good” both were true statements.

      The Onion piece rings very true for me as someone who is going to spend nearly two years in school before I actually do anything that forwards the national defense, even indirectly.

      • shakeb

        Though I do have classmates who have stated a desire to spend their leave tracking down their recruiter and punching them in the face.

  • nohellbelowus

    This somewhat flippant post comprises evidence for a much deeper, much more conflicted Justin Griffith.

    Michael Moorcock’s tortured warrior Elric of Melniboné comes immediately to mind (although now I’m showing my age).

    You’re in a unique position, Justin, and there can be little doubt as to your personal courage. Conflicts like these are often fertile ground for award-winning essays.

    I want to hear it. Tell us. Please write it.

  • maxdwolf

    Never played Call of Duty, but I know that in all the games I have played, if I die I get to start over. That would be cool. On the other hand it’s a MMORPG, so even dungeons missions you’ve cleared are just going to be reset. So, not so cool.

    • Justin Griffith

      What’s the aggro radius of a Taliban fighter?

      • The person who made this probably knows, you should ask him.

      • raymills

        Approximately 6400km

      • trog69

        It depends on if a woman is in the immediate vicinity. Rates shoot throw the roof when true.

  • lorimakesquilts

    Good luck with the gig and may you never fall victim to the region commander’s mother and mother-in-law in the middle of a shopping mall.