Revolutionary ‘Explosive Economics’ doctrine may help Army recruiting

I graduate from the Army’s recruiter-training program in a few weeks. I’ll ask my instructors how to incorporate ground-breaking socioeconomic studies such as this ‘Explosive Economics’:

Need a job? Come talk to Sergeant Griffith! He’s got explosive economic opportunities just for you!

Saw this on Comradde Physioproffe’s blog, first. See? It is backed by a college professor with tenure! It’s probably more effective than this:

Army recruiter meme

Obviously I’m kidding (sir or ma’am), and I do not endorse any political party, nor do I attempt to represent the DoD in any way.

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  • julian

    nor do I attempt to represent the DoD in any way.

    Of course not. You’d need at least a masters in Clusterfucking to do that.

    • Justin Griffith

      I’m attending the prestigious online Ph.D. program offered by Clusterfuck-U.


      • sqlrob

        Really? And here I thought you got your degree from SNAF U