Roy Zimmerman, Sarah Silverman, Russell Brand stand united

Roy Zimmerman, folk rocker, god blocker and RBB1 performer, wrote to me with an important heads up!

Hey Justin —

I’m sure you know about Rev. Barry Lynn’s group Americans for the Separation of Church and State. This weekend, Americans for… is sponsori

ng a bunch of concerts nationwide by a vast array of artists including, as you might have guess, me. Also Russell Brand, Sarah Silverman and folkies Catie Curtis, John McCutcheon, Laura Love and many many more.

Here’s the site for “Voices for the Separation of Church and State” .

And I’ve got a song apropos the occasion. Here’s “The Wedding of Church and State”

There’ll be shows in all fifty states and DC. Mine’s in Laramie, WY tomorrow night:

Friday, September 28 – 7:30 pm

Roy Zimmerman: Hope, Struggle and Change

A benefit for Voices United for the Separation of Church and State

UU Fellowship of Laramie

1402 East Gibbon Street

Laramie, WY

$12 or pay what you can

I hope all’s great. Thanks, and looking forward,


In case you have not had the pleasure of hearing Roy’s ode to Ted Haggard:

All of his stuff is good – so expect a lot of talent in every state’s celebration.

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