They laughed at Noah too, and they all died in the flood

Let’s This is from a local Fort Bragg area news poll about something really simple. Should Christians in the military get special treatment and be allowed to have massive events AND deny atheists the same opportunity?

Please tell me you already voted… you don’t even need a real email addy, if you’re afraid of spam!

Cynthia Wesley

11:58 am on Monday, October 8, 2012

Nothing you atheists say disproves the Bible. Nothing you say is based on fact, only theory. People all laughed at Noah too and they all died in the flood. If you want to base your salvation on theory and here say from scientists that is up to you. Its sad to see people with such pride and hard heartedness. Your minds are full of lies from the devil. So sad you cannot see the truth.

Yeah… and her husband is a fellow soldier. Somehow he has more twitter followers than ME! Please for fucks sake, follow me on twitter. I’m just starting to get good at it!

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or else you hate the troops!

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  • Damn her! Now I’ve got Gershwin running around in my head:

    “They all laughed at Christopher Columbus / When he said the world was round … But ho, ho, ho! / Who’s got the last laugh now?”.

  • left0ver1under

    Once again, the five year old children are threatening to get their alleged big brother to beat up the atheists. Too bad he never shows up.

  • LMA. I love that last part, “Or else you hate the troops.”

    It’s people like this that soil what good can come out of religion… there’s not much, but if you avoid all of the genocide, suicides, infanticide…I know I’m forgetting a whole slew of other (insert here)-cides, what little is left has some twisted sense of morals that can be pulled from it. This person is obviously a fundie and believes every speck of the Bible down to the smudged “t” on page 487, which is increasingly sad.

    I’m not intending to classify every fundamental Christian like this. I’ve talked with a few and they weren’t as seemingly uneducated as Mrs. Wesley. She sure is special and I’m surprised that any state found her competent and allowed her to marry in her mental state.

  • John Kruger

    It is rare to see someone so broken as to accuse others of not believing in facts, and then touting Noah’s Arc as real. Amazing. How does the retort go? “They all laughed at Bozo the clown, too.”

  • How does she know anyone laughed at Noah? It wasn’t stated in the account in Genesis.

  • So…everything we say and “believe” (or not believe, as the case is) is based on theory and thus does not disprove the bible….BUT, the bible is absolutely, 100% true? As in, there is no theory behind it, no fiction to be found? Um…yeah. Good girl *pats head* have a cookie dear.

    Not to mention, the Anabaptist belief (old order, anyway) believes that you cannot have salvation on earth; in other words, Jesus didn’t save nothing for no one. Oh, but I forget…that’s not the right kind of Christianity.

    Christianity and all it’s sects are so confusing…but we’re the ones who are wrong and going to Michigan. I mean hell.

  • pipenta

    Am now following you on Twitter!

  • Crip Dyke, MQ, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden

    For Christine Hadley:

    Calvin: Where do you think we go when we die?

    Hobbes: …?

    Hobbes: … Pittsburgh?

    Calvin: You mean if we’re good or if we’re bad?

  • Randomfactor

    How does she know anyone laughed at Noah?

    It was in the cartoon.

  • eoraptor013

    I blame the education system.

    “Nothing [we] say is based on fact, just theory.” What, exactly, does she think a fact is? Clearly she has no understanding of what a theory might be; but facts? Facts is facts, amirite? You stick your hand in a spent fuel-rod cooling pool, you’re going to get burnt. From that fact, and really only a few others, I know the earth is much older than the sum of the ages of the patriarchs. Indeed, where does it say, in her precious babble, that the age of the earth is equal to the sum of the ages of the patriarchs? Does she know the fact that Bishop Usher, based on nothing more than some warped sense of logic, concluded that this must be true, and wrote his calculations down in the margins of his Bible? Her wholly babble DOES NOT SAY the world is only 6,000 years old, yet this is a “fact” to her.

    Sometimes, I despair.