Army Chaplains accidentally using the ‘wrong’ pledge on Facebook

The California Army National Guard Chaplains’ Facebook page has a lot of goofy pictures. This one is classic.

Click to embiggen. The comments there are priceless. They are preserved below the fold in case of sudden deletion.

Trudy R: Hooah

Bonnie M: there is something missing…Under God?

Brenda V: Whats up with that?

Andrew V: Actually that’s the original pledge of allegiance. Under God was added in 1954 mostly over the red scare of the cold war.

Lila M: what happened to “under God?” I remember when they added that in the ’50’s…we had to practice the new way at school, as we said the pledge every morning.


Trudy R: Need the under God back

Chaplain James Collins: I am just a dumb ole country preacher, but it could be the point was just that…there is no God. We have taken God out of everything in this country. Yes, I understand that God was not in the original, but didn’t God make it better? Again, I don’t know much, but I think that it is better with God. We need God to bless America again.

Olivia R: Under GOD. Our country has been blessed because we r under GOD blessing. What other country in the world can say that ? That’s why we hav the freedom GOD has given us

Randy K: You forgot “under God”.

Barbara S: I liked it until I didn’t read “under God”.

Theresa O: That is the correct and original pledge of allegiance. Under God was added in the 50s.

Roger A: Hey ya ol country preacher your right God did and still does make it better… hooah Sir

Jessimine S: Cannot like it unless under God is there and don’t support anything that implies it’s ok to leave God out. That’s what is Wong these days as it is.

It might get deleted when I link to the picture. Be respectful if you join in, but you’re more than welcome to.

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  • Given the separation of church and state enacted in the constitution how did that get changed? I’d imagine there is some interesting history there as I cannot believe no one challenged it…

    • Pierce R. Butler

      The “under god” part was added during the Cold War, to help emphasize the distinction between good us & gawdless commie them.

      Everybody who spoke up to dissent immediately had the FBI asking their employers about possible suspicious affiliations, and possibly a subpoena to talk with the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. And probably rocks through their windows.

      • Hehe yeah I suppose I did not think of the timing there… Amazing how easy it is for a core part of the constitution to become ‘un-american’ when religion and politics intersect.

      • steve84

        And the courts invented some ridiculous BS called “ceremonial deism” which can somehow make the most over the top religious performance secular if it has been performed by the government long enough.

      • Nathanael

        Or even if, as in the case in the 1950s, it was made up last week. As long as it’s supported by the President!

        More and more this is an elected dictatorship. People just haven’t noticed yet.

  • Looks like the right one to me, as well as the one used before the 1950s.

  • Crip Dyke, MQ, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden

    Barbara S: I liked it until I didn’t read “under God”.

    So then… she never liked it????

  • F

    The stoopid, it burns!

    but didn’t God make it better?

    Yes, yes, god kissed it and made it all better. It’s the extra added ingredient which may make it work twice as hard.

    Our country has been blessed because we r under GOD blessing. What other country in the world can say that?

    All of them, idiot. (Except that it is actually true for none.)

    I remember when they added that in the ’50′s…we had to practice the new way at school,

    How much practice was required is probably revealing of how much the brains were exercised normally. “…One nation, undervisible…” “No, no, start again. From the top this time.”

  • Outback Joe

    Australia; we don’t have any Pledges of Allegience with “God” in them, heck we don’t even have ANY pledges at all, we don’t even have “God” in our National Anthem AND we have a Prime Minister is a Non-Believer! How cool is that!

    • left0ver1under

      One’s country is not free if it demands pledges, demands reverence for a flag and demands that one stand for a national anthem. The ability to disrespect the symbols of one’s own country is a part of freedom and free speech, as important as criticizing the government and its policies.

      • Justin Griffith

        I believe the compulsory nature of the Pledge for school children is indebted to red-scare 1950’s… the same year they added ‘under god’.

      • F

        …one nation, under god (duck and cover)

  • I just clicked on your link and, sure enough, the page is not available! Since I presume it was a public page that probably means it’s gone! Well spotted & preserved, sir!

    What other country in the world can say that ?

    Oh, please! It’s too early in the morning for such stupidity!

  • There is no God in foxholes. Or anywhere else.

  • eoraptor013

    The thing I don’t get is why I would pledge allegiance to a flag? Yeah, yeah, it’s a symbol, but the Constitution is our country.. the flag represents the country, but the Constitution defines it. Indeed, don’t elected Federal officials, and military personnel, swear to uphold and defend the Constitution?

    How’s about:

    I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States,

    and to the Republic it defines:

    One nation, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

    Course, the whackaloons would probably call me a communist nazi atheist muslim in sheep’s clothing.

    • Nathanael

      Yep. The oath (or affirmation) to uphold the Constitution is actually *in* the Constitution, and is a much better thing than pledging allegience to cloth.