Davila 666 – ‘Por Vivir’ | can anyone translate?

I’m in love with this band, Davila 666. I’m certain all of their lyrics apply directly to my life. Trouble is, I have no clue what their lyrics are or what they mean. HELP!

Spanishdict.com says ‘Vivir’ translates to:

1. To have life, to live; to enjoy life. (n)
2.To live, to continue, to last, to keep. (n)
3.To have the means of supporting life. (n)
4.To live; emphatically, to enjoy happiness. (n)
5.To live, to pass life in a certain manner. (n)
6.To be remembered, to enjoy fame. (n)
7.To be, to exist; to be present in memory. (n)
8.To live, to inhabit, to reside, to lodge. (n)
9.To temporize. (n)
10.To guard life. (n)
11.To have eternal life. (n)

I’m feeling pretty low, but I’ll spare you the details. Obviously that last one doesn’t really apply… but I’d love to ‘feel’ a phrase that embodied the others. Anyone out there able to translate? I don’t need word for word (though that would be awesome too), just a rough concept of what the song is about.

Davila 666‘Por Vivir’


*EDIT: Facebook friend, Sulay, really came through:

It says “Es por vivir, y asi se que orar.” which translate to: It’s to live, so I know what to pray about”. Orar can translate in two words: Pray or meditate, but this band is from Puerto Rico, so I am sure they meant pray. But it is nothing about God. It is about someone’s fucked up life, who knows someday is going to die, but that now he wants to live. So screw responsibilities, he just wants to drink and smoke and live his life. Later when he is gone, he’ll worry about praying. I like the meaning behind the song thou. It pretty much implies to rebel against the mortal sin we are condemn to. In other words sin with a purpose, so you know what to really pray for later.

Awesome. [End edit]

Also, I know that this song’s title translates to ‘And You’ (or ‘You also’). But what the hell is going on at the end of this other video?

Davila 666‘Y Tu’


Why the stabbing? I thought the hippies were getting along. You know, doing their drugs… in Spanish.

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  • Liz

    my guess is meaning #1 or #5 for the song. of course I’m probably wrong, but that’s the feeling I get from the music

  • Aviatrix

    Live now, pray later – I like that!

  • Colin

    I would go for “for the sake of living” or “to stay alive”. The song says that life is hard but I carry on “por vivir”.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Hang in there!

    Illegitimati non carborundum and all that good stuff…

  • opsarcangels

    rich millionaires with their heads up the arses