Call me xenuphobic, but this freaks me out.

I don’t want to sound xenuphobic, but this freaks me out. Inexplicably, John Travolta and Olivia Newton John have a Christmas themed musical reunion.

Just in case you’re wondering, those are definitely fake soldiers. And no, there is no law stating that Hollywood has to get ‘three things’ wrong with military uniforms. That’s a myth.

And did anybody notice that there are families anxiously waiting on people who all DROVE to the airport? WTF!?

I believe I made this video even ‘better’. Press play on the video and scroll down. You have to watch it in nightmare mode, below the fold.

john travolta olivia newton john and fake soldiersjohn travolta olivia newton john and fake soldiers 3john travolta olivia newton john and fake soldiersjohn travolta olivia newton john and fake soldiers 3john travolta olivia newton john and fake soldiersjohn travolta olivia newton john and fake soldiers 3john travolta olivia newton john and fake soldiersjohn travolta olivia newton john and fake soldiers 3john travolta olivia newton john and fake soldiers

“Happy Birthday, Jesus. I hope you like crap.”

-Norm MacDonald on the subject of Kenny G’s 1994 Christmas album

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  • steve84

    Btw, this may interest you:

    In short: lesbian wife of a Lt.Col. at Fort Bragg tries to join the base’s Officer Spouse Club, but is denied. Because they initially had no legal reason to do so (DOMA doesn’t apply to private clubs like this), they’ve then changed their rules and added an arbitrary ID card requirement.

    It’s kinda blowing up in their faces now. The story has been reported by Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and Stars & Stripes. They removed their full names from the website pretty early in order to hide.

    • It makes me very happy when people email me stuff like this. I can’t react / respond to everything, but I really do appreciate this.

  • maxdwolf

    Yeah, that was bizarre. But Grease in general struck me that way. Gotta admit, the kid at 2:55 was cute.

  • The kid is indeed cute. Now that you mention it, not quite everything about this video is irresponsibly bad. The floor looks pretty clean. The chair selection could have been worse, though it was certainly not good.

  • F [disappearing]

    So I actually went and watched this. The question remains: WTFFF? Freaking out a bit is an appropriate response.

    • @F – I tried to figure out which things didn’t freak me out. That kid at 2:55, clean floor, and chairs that were ugly (but not offensively so). 3 things.

  • First– damn they’ve gotten old.

    Second– that was awful; not even as good as a foldgers commercial.

    Third– Security guard’s hug offer looked totally predatory, IMO.

    Thanks for that– it’s gonna be stuck in my head all day.

  • I think I heard a line “Making love all night” which I find ruined any “feel good” vibe the song was trying to produce; First, its Olivia (too much plastic surgery) Newton-John and John (too much platic surgery) Travolta, both who have questionable sexual lives (questionable not as wrong, im gay) and this song comes off as too old friends meeting up, everyone in the town is as one, like good old home cooking and all that small town homo-phobe anti-muslim crap you can smell and see from a mile away. To think that these two actually think they have something to offer. Plus, when Johny sang his first few lines, there was a “yaayaayaa” type section that sounded like him on Sandy, the song from Grease. The only thing that doesnt offend me about JT is the movie Carrie he was in, and that I feel bad for his family because apparently their dogs got killed on a tarmac at an air port a while back. (John Travolta’s dogs killed on tarmac, May 2010, I will admit Grease was a great movie and Olivia is a gay icon, but that is not enough to make me support this crime of theirs. BTW….i didnt watch the whole vid….I couldnt stomach it….but I didnt see any black people in the vid….I know there was the boots and shin-digging going on, so i am assuming this is a southern-type genere so its understandable why they would not dare show black people with fear of being Dixie-Chicked.

  • left0ver1under

    “Xenuphobic”? “Xenuphobia”?

    I’ve never heard that turn of phrase before, but it’s definitely a keeper.

  • F [disappearing]

    Justin Griffith

    Yeah, the floor was nice. And I’ve done some floors in my day, but I can’t say that I particularly watch for or notice them in visual media.

    I have to say that nightmare mode actually makes an improvement over the source media. It’s better for the concentrated but abstracted bad.

  • mommiest

    Bad editing: when Olivia and John first “see” each other, just after the one minute mark, they are in different locations.

    But those walkways are clean, too.